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Songkran info - Sexy 'X-ray pants’ banned

Started by thaiga, March 15, 2016, 12:52:37 AM

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Looks like Bangkok Songkran events will on 12 13 14 April this year and end by 9pm - including Khao San rd
Hmm 9pm cant see that

pic & info in th. nationtv.tv

X-rated: Sexy 'X-ray pants’ banned at Songkran festival

In a move to make Songkran a little less sexual, Chiang Mai officials have announced a ban on sexy, see-through “X-ray pants” at the famous water festival.  also according to manager.co.th  “sexy dance moves” and “sexy muscles.” are banned   :o

There's more at: bangkok.coconuts.co
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


I have just been informed that SONGKRAN in korat will only be a 1 day event this year, on the 13th

news to follow

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


confirmed that SONGKRAN in korat will only be a 1 day event this year, on the 13th - but as you know things could change and they have

edited by thaiga
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Strict 'no drink-driving' campaign for Songkran

A strict "No drink driving" campaign will be enforced over the Songkran Festival holiday, including temporary seizure of the vehicles and licences of drunk drivers, National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) deputy spokeswoman Col Sirichan Ngathong announced on Monday.

Col Sirichan said the decision to revive the harsh road safety measures used during the New Year holiday was made at today's meeting of the NCPO chaired by army chief Gen Theerachai Nakwanich, the NCPO secretary-general, at army headquarters.

She said the aim was to make it safer for people travelling to their home province during celebration next month, and reduce the usual road carnage during the annual water splashing festival.

full article: Bangkokpost
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Khao San spirits dampened

Khao San Road is jam-packed with tourists and locals as Songkran festivities reach a peak. This year the celebration will be muted because of the drought. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Bangkok's Khao San Road, scene of some of the wildest Songkran festivities, will have its celebrations curtailed this year as the drought eats into water supplies around the country.

The wildly popular Songkran spot normally draws tens of thousands of water-throwing tourists and locals, but this year it faces one less day of celebration and restricted refilling outlets. It will also have decreased mains pressure.

Water authorities on Thursday said tap pressures will be reduced at all popular tourist spots for Songkran to conserve water supplies as the country's dams report critically low levels.

Piyabut Jiwaramonaikul, president of the Khao San Road business enterprise association, said there would be no water throwing on April 12, the first day of the festival.

He said water splashing would only begin on April 13 for song nam phra, or the bathing ceremony for Buddha images. As well, many water distribution spots would not be available for Songkran revellers this year.

The organisers at other major Songkran venues are also adjusting activities because of the water shortage. Many are encouraging a return to the traditional way of celebrations which involves pouring a little water on the hands, making merit and paying respect to others.

full article: Bangkokpost
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


PWA assures enough water for consumption but water supply for Songkran will be cut in some areas

The Provincial Waterworks Authority has reassured that there will be enough water for consumption to last through the dry season but water supply in some areas will have to be curtailed during Songkran festival.

PWA acting governor Mr Chumpol Chokepong-udomchai said Friday that the ongoing drought has affected PWA’s water resources in several areas forcing a cutback in water supply to consumers.

Waterwork stations at Pakthongchai in Nakhon Ratchasima, Nong Rua in Khon Kaen and Tha Tako in Nakhon Sawan have introduced water rationing whereas 17 other waterwork stations have reduced supply and five others have been affected with sea water intrusion.

However, Mr Chumpol assured that PWA would be able to supply water for consumption to consumers throughout the dry season.

full article: englishnews.thaipbs.or.th
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Drought-hit Thailand urges locals to use spray bottles for Songkran

This year’s Songkran is shaping up to be the most controversial one yet thanks to the worst drought in two decades. However, officials in Bangkok are doing everything they can to save water and the spirit of Songkran.

Wanlop Suwandee, chief adviser to the Bangkok governor, has urged Thais to use spray bottles instead of water pistols to celebrate the upcoming Songkran festival because they use way less water.

In an earlier move to save water, officials decided to cut the Songkran festival short from four to three days in Bangkok â€" between April 12-14, and water fights will only be allowed until 9pm.

All water distribution stations have been scrapped, and big water guns are banned this year.

Wanlop said this year’s celebration will focus on the true tradition of Songkran.

Instead of sexy dances and techno music, Silom road, which usually holds the biggest celebration in Bangkok, will be showered with a cultural parade.

There will be no loud music or stages on Silom this year, Matichon reported.

Thanks to: bangkok.coconuts.co
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Army to set up 356 public service stops during Songkran

The army will set up 356 "public service" spots in front of military camps and on major roads to regulate traffic and reduce accidents during the Songkran holidays, army deputy spokesperson Col Sirichan Ngathong said on Tuesday.

She said each of the spots will serve as both rest areas and information centres from April 8-18. They will take and distribute information on emergencies and accidents, as well as traffic congestion in various localities.

Col Sirichan said Gen Theerachai Nakwanich, the army chief, had ordered all personnel manning the stations to strictly enforce drink-driving laws and impound the vehicles of intoxicated drivers.

Pol Maj Gen Somchai Kaosamran, commander of the Highway Police Division, said his division and the Highways Department produced a manual containing information on short cuts and bypasses in order to help reduce traffic congestion.

Copies of the manual will be distributed to motorists between April 7-17.

He said there are 47 areas of concern for traffic, particularly the Bang Pa-in interchange in Ayutthaya. Travellers are advised to seek out shortcuts along their planned routes.

For exmple, motorists leaving Bangkok for the North may opt for the Udon Rathaya expressway to travel through Bang Sai district of Ayutthaya to meet the Asian Highway at Bang Pahan district. They may can opt for Highway 345 instead of Phahon Yothin highway, Pol Maj Gen Somchai said.

Motorists heading for the Northeast are advised to take HIghway 9 to Wang Noi district of Ayutthaya, or take Highway 304 through Chachoengsao province.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


All measures to ensure safe travel during Songkran now in force

As Songkran festival is imminent, all measures to ensure full safety for revellers going homes for family reunions on this traditional Thai New Year with happiness are now rolled out.

All government agencies relevant to public transport, law enforcement, health, security, disaster relief were placed on stand-by to cope with the mass exodus of people in Bangkok to the provinces, starting end of the week.

Official estimate put the figures of people travelling out of Bangkok now at over 200,000 a day on public buses, excluding by own transportation, during this Songkran festival.

Highway police will implement road safety measures to ensure drivers strictly observe traffic rules, aiming to cut the number of road accidents from that of last year.

They will monitor speeding and drunk driving strictly, particularly pick-up trucks, carrying people and equipment for water playing, which are unsafe for the public.

Motorcyclists and pillion riders must wear helmets as the police will be deployed at 47 spots on major highways leading out if the capital to the North, Northeast, East and South, such as Phaholyothin, Phetkasem, Mitrapab and Bangna-Trat.

Special lanes will be opened to increase traffic flow for both inbound and outbound, Highway police said.

Meanwhile Government deputy spokesman said that the Cabinet’s meeting ordered surveillance units to station on both main and minor roads and set up the joint directive center for the police, soldiers and administrative officials to work together.

The measure, applied during the New Year holiday in January to impound vehicles of drunk drivers, will be implemented again during the Songkran holiday.

Meanwhile, the ministries of interior, agriculture and cooperatives, and culture are now launching a campaign urging the public to drive carefully, to save water and to spend time with families on the Thai Elderly Day, which falls on April 13.

The Metropolitan Police Bureau also held meeting with Land Transport Department, Transport Co Ltd, Expressway Authority of Thailand, Don Muang Tollway in preparation for facilitating people, returning home during the Thai News Year holiday.

Bangkok people are expected to leave the capital for hometown, starting from Friday April 8 and the highest number of travelers is expected during April 12-13.

About 200,000 passengers are expected at bus stations daily.

The Royal Thai Police also warns taxi drivers who reject passengers or overcharge fares that they will be arrested and fined.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Poll: Half of female revellers groped during Songkran

Just over half of the women and young girls surveyed complained they had been sexually harrassed during past Thai New Year water festivals, it was revealed at the launch of a "Happy Songkran" safety campaign on Tuesday.

The survey involved 1,793 people, aged 10-40, in Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Prakan, Chiang Mai, Lampang, Amnat Charoen, Chumphon, Chon Buri and Khon Kaen, said Charee Srisawat, of the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation.

It found that 51.9% of the respondents said they had been sexually harassed by drunken men taking part in Songkran celebrations,

The big majority of the respondents, about 86%, said they disliked the sexual harassment and wanted  steps taken to stop it. The remaining 14% felt it was normal and that such behaviour was acceptable, said Ms Charee.

The majority wanted ............

full article: Bangkokpost
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Water celebration on Khao San road shortened to two days

Celebration of Songkran festival on Khao San road, one of the three popular places for water splashing in Bangkok, this year will be shortened to two days instead of three days in previous years as water shortage in the country has reached its critical time in 20 years and all the people are requested by the government to conserve water and enjoying the water fighting sparingly.

Normally the celebration at the place packed with both foreign tourists and locals will be held for three days from April 13-15.

But this year’s water shortage crisis, it will be only from April13-14.

full article: englishnews.thaipbs.or.th
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Bangkok officials campaign for dry, sober Songkran

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has encouraged Songkran celebrants to refrain from two components that are key to the modern celebration of Songkran â€" booze and water.

Bangkok Deputy Governor Pusadee Tamthai said the city will still hold Songkran parties citywide, but it will encourage celebrants to refrain from drinking, nudity, use of high-pressure water guns and use of talcum powder â€" basically, every “nontraditional” addition to the modern Songkran festival.

Besides cutting the festival to three days due to chronic water shortage, the city is also encouraging celebrants to help conserve water. It has been reported that the city will scrap all water filling stations this year.

full article: bangkok.coconuts.co
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Police out in force to keep Songkran safe

About 90,000 police officers will be deployed around the country this week to manage road traffic and ensure the public are safe during the Songkran festival.

Police spokesman Detnarong Sutthichanbancha said on Saturday said the Royal Thai Police will station the officers around the country from tomorrow until next Sunday.

As for drink-drivers and reckless drivers caught speeding, their vehicles and driving licences will be seized and legal action will be taken against them.

Pol Gen Detnarong said authorities will enforce the law in every way to provide safety and security for the public.

Interior Ministry permanent secretary Kritsada Boonrat yesterday said he has instructed governors and local officers in every province to strictly implement measures to prevent traffic casualties.

Provincial governors will have to work with other local administrative authorities including district chiefs, village chiefs and religious leaders to launch a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of drink driving in their communities. Signs to campaign against drink driving will be put up in each province.

full article: Bangkokpost
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Police Songkran campaign goes wrong

A police officer moves one of the controversial signboards from a sidewalk in Chiang Mai's Muang district on Sunday. (Photo taken from Facebook of วิทยุจราจร จราจรเพื่อชุมชนเชียงใหม่)

Chiang Mai police on Sunday agreed to clear sidewalks of signboards that depict a senior officer surrounded by subservient women that were set up to promote the Songkran spirit and traffic discipline after numerous complaints.

Many people said the images contradicted the printed message and questioned the true intention of the police. The signboards show an image of Provincial Police Region 5 commissioner Tanitsak Teerasawat in uniform and two women in traditional Thai costume and were placed on sidewalks across the city. 

The signboards have messages that read: “No drowsy driving. Promote Thai culture. Create Traffic Discipline”. Accompanying the messages is an image of Pol Lt Gen Tanitsak sitting on a bench and receiving a traditional Songkan rod nam dam hua blessing performed by women sitting on the floor.

full article: Bangkokpost
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Forget the drought, Thailand’s national water fight is on

Drought? What drought? Bring out the water guns!

Thailand may be going through its driest period in 20 years, but the country’s military government wants visitors from around the globe to know that the biggest water fight in the world is still on.

So, get your buckets, hoses and other gear ready for the three-day nationwide street party that begins Wednesday to mark the Thai New Year.

“We can still use water for the new year festival. It’s not that dry,” said government spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd. The government has instructed the Tourism Ministry to make sure foreign tourists don’t misunderstand the severity of the drought and cancel holiday plans out of concerns the water supply will be cut off, he said.

After all, there are millions of dollars at stake.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand expects this year’s holiday to generate more than 15 billion baht ($427 million) for the tourism sector and attract half a million visitors in a span of five days.

lots more here: washingtonpost.com
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Nation starts Songkran celebrations with funs and happiness

Thailand officially kicked off its traditional Songkran water festival this morning with government authorities throughout the country joining local people offering alms to monks at temples and government offices as a merit making.

Not only it is the Thai traditional New Year today, it is also the national day of the aged and the family reunion day.

In Bangkok, the governor MR Sukhumbhan Paribatra led city officials and members of the public to offer alms to monks at Sanam Luang.

The sacred Buddha image, Buddhasuhing, was brought out from the National Museum to Sanam Luang for people to sprinkle lustral water.

After the religious activities, the time for “water battle” will begin.

Although the country faces the worst water crisis in 20 years, many places continued the water battles with funs but sparingly.

One of the most popular locations to celebrate the Songkran Festival in the Thai northern region is Chiang Mai province, where the celebrations atmosphere in the first day of Songkran yesterday was active but water splashing was clearly on a conservation way.

This year, Chiang Mai not only celebrated the water festival but also it’s 720th anniversary of the establishment of Chiang Mai city.

At Pratu Tha Pae, in the heart of Chiang Mai city, a large crowd of tourists has already made their forts to start the water splashing fun yesterday.

Foreign tourists  equipped with their own water gun, instead of the usual use of water tanks to fill up water from the local moat to splash water on each other. ”

Chiang Mai celebrated the first day of Songkran yesterday but the water splashing actions around the city moat have changed.

One reason is probably because the water level in the moat is quite low, whereas the government has been promoting the use of water wisely during Songkran this year, which prompted less tourists to stick around the moat to join the fun and opt to use their water guns and walk along the streets to shoot water at other people instead.

But in the far south, celebration of Songkran was even more active despite of security problem, particularly in Hat Yai.

Hat Yai held ‘Midnight Songkran’ event, where the water splashing fun will last until midnight tomorrow night.

President of Songkhla Tourism Industry Association Surapol Khampalanonwat said although a bomb attack was reported in the nearby Jana district of Songkhla, it did not hamper the celebrations atmosphere ahead of the Midnight Songkran event, which would official kick off yesterday evening.

He said Hat Yai is expecting over 200 million baht to be generated during the event alone.

The holiday atmosphere in Hat Yai went in full swing last night as local people and foreign tourists joined together in a water fight to celebrate the Songkran festival.

They were also seen dancing to music and enjoying foam parties after the Midnight Songkran was opened at 8 pm last night.

Hat Yai celebrates Songkran event from April 11-13 featuring stage activities, as well as the biggest carnival parade in the country, where visitors would get to see a caravan of beautifully decorated trailers, ballroom dance by 100 couples, sea boxing match and Miss Tourism Pageant contest where the winner could take home the highest prize money of 30,000 baht.

The event has brought back life and colours to the town after it has been affected by the dwindling Malaysian tourists and the recent bombing in Jana district.

A local tourism operator said they are expecting about 50,000 visitors, both Thai and foreigners, to arrive into the city.

Midnight Songkran will continue until midnight today.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


Thais explain why they participate in water fight during severe drought

On the second day of the Songkran Festival, Coconuts went to Khao San Road to find out why Thais still participated in the water festival during the severe drought.

“We’re not concerned about the drought, and we came to to join the water fight like we do every year. But we feel like we need to use less water somehow.”  â€" Pear, Ing, Ming, 14-15 years old, students.

“Songkran is still a blast for us. We feel indifferent [about the drought]. We made these spray bottles ourselves.” â€" Poj, Khao, Ta, and Ton, 24, cinema staff.

“Songkran still feels the same to me. Yesterday, I went to the temple. Now I’m having fun on Khao San.” said Omsin, 13, student.

“Don’t we complain about the drought situation every year? That’s just how nature works. Personally, I believe that we have enough water. And based on my experience participating in Songkran for years, this year is the least fun. It seems lifeless and dull.” â€" Yu, 40, magician.

“We just follow the tradition. We still feel the spirit of Songkran, but it’s a bit less fun this year.” â€" Earn, Pon, Ming, and Liew, 16, students.

lots more pics here bangkok.coconuts.co
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.

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