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Syria - commentaries
« on: October 11, 2015, 05:18:16 AM »
Generally I deplore the involvement of Russia in Syria. I have also long deplored the actions of the USA led coalition in Syria which is hell bent on 'regime change' - now where have we heard that before ?
'Nations' as they are, IMO need to sort out their own problems and outside intervention is seldom helpful. No need to cite the obvious example of Iraq which was actually in a very much better condition under it's brutal Dictator than it is now.
Commentaries in the media are SO biased ! Somewhere between the stance of the BBC, Sky and 'Russia Today' lies the truth and as usual, Al Jazeera might have the balanced view.
I don't suppose Russia's motives are so pure but neither are the 'Coalitions' motives pure.
The BBC and Sky etc present Russia's actions as exclusively insidious which IMO is not true.
Syria is Russia's long term ally and friend so it's just natural that Russia is in Syria.
The situation is horrendous with a million refugees already in Lebanon, another million in Jordan and hundreds of thousands en route Turkey and Europe. One despairs.