Author Topic: GERMANY BANS SAUSAGES: Pork banned in cafes and schools to 'not offend refugees'  (Read 5965 times)

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Aussie going back to the theme you mentioned earlier - decades of modernised imperialism from the USA, the UK and others including let's not forget Russia ?
I basically agree with your view of these policies and myself, I was very very much against the second Iraq war, the Afghanistan 'help' and many other adventures.
Syria is a complete disaster and some Mediterranean areas and the wider mid-East are now wholly destabilised.
That's the root of the problem with the refugees/immigrants fleeing to Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Austria and the whole EU, including welcoming Germany, but with no apparent solution in sight.
Sowhat thanks for your comment and dare I say that I'm guessing you and Aussie have similar views and compassions on this subject despite your exchanges !

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Many thanks Roger for your input.  I myself would not include Russia as a modernised imperialist state.  Perhaps the old Soviet Union could be added to that list.
The wonderful people of the US have suffered immensely from the continuous war mongering direction of its politicians aided by misguided world lackey governments.
I remember the Vietnam War with vivid clarity.  This war was based on lies and deceit as have been all the wars since then.  President Lyndon Baines Johnson knew that the so called 2nd incident in the gulf of Tonkin did not take place and lied to the American people and the world.  This so called incident which never happened brought America and its stooges full on into the war.  The cost to the lives of so many millions is incalculable.  I am unable to forgive those who salivate at the mouth for profit over goodness. I was one of those stooges that believed the lie and was drafted to fight in a war thousands of kilometres away from my home only to line the pockets of the war machine. The suffering never ever ends.
Today in Europe and the Middle East people are dying in their thousands weekly.  I really do pray that soon America will be taken back from the brink by the patriots and install a new government that follows their Constitution. Take America out of the War Mongering equation and peace may prevail.
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Aussie thanks for that. To my shame I don't know much about the origins of the Vietnam War so I shall put that right !
Re. the USA factor generally, with the willingness of most Nations to sell arms of all kinds with little restriction, I think we may have entered an era when wars can start without the direct involvement of the USA itself. But that's another story !

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welcome back pistols ;D

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sowhat - your reply 33 - pistols ? Not sure what you mean ? ATB