Author Topic: Women 'hid drugs in vaginas'  (Read 1336 times)

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Women 'hid drugs in vaginas'
« on: December 08, 2012, 07:10:08 PM »
BANGKOK: Immigration police on Friday night arrested two drug suspects who hid 5,900 speed pills inside their vaginas and in their underwear.

Police said the two women were members of a hilltribe in the nothern province of Chiang Rai. They were identified as Kalaya Mayer and Armoei Mayer.

The women were stopped by immigration police acting on a tip-off from an informant after they arrived at Don Mueang airport from Chiang Rai's Mae Fah Luang district.

The two confessed that they had been hired for 30,000 baht each to deliver the methamphetamine or "ya ba" pills to another hilltribe member, Yi Tasampue. Yi was later arrested while waiting for the drugs.

In another development, police in Huai Khwang in Bangkok's Din Daeng district arrested two 18-year-old men after finding 62 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine, or ice, in a sting operation.

Police took action after receiving a report that that there would be some drug dealing near a snooker club in the area.


now i know why it's called crack
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