Author Topic: Wayward Monk Sheds Spiritual Life For Drug Highs  (Read 832 times)

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Wayward Monk Sheds Spiritual Life For Drug Highs
« on: September 24, 2012, 02:55:23 PM »
Police arrested a monk on drug charges in a Plutaluang hotel room, after he had left the temple by changing into civilian clothes in the temple’s restroom. He and two other monks were also charged with dealing drugs in Sattahip temples to fellow monks and civilians.

SATTAHIP – September 23, 2012 [PDN]; at 2 p.m., the arrest of three monks for drug use and dealing was announced by Mr. Pawat Lertmookda, Sattahip sheriff, Chonburi province; together with Mr. Chawat Theptap, deputy of Stability Department; and officers from the special operations of the Center of Fighting Against Drugs.

The arrests resulted after police had learned about monks smuggling and selling amphetamine to other monks at a well-known temple in Prajeenburi province.

The head of the gang was monk Lertmonkol Thitiwanano or Mr. Lertmongkol Praiwan, age 37, address 101/17 Moo 6 Tambon Plutaluang, Amphur Sattahip, Chonburi province.

The police made a plan to arrest the gang of drug-dealing monks. Undercover agents arranged to purchase drugs from a monk who was familiar with monk Lertmongkol. The monk made a phone call to monk Lertmongko for 3 tablets of amphetamines for 800 THB. Then monk Lertmonkol let his subordinate deliver amphetamine to the parsonage, where the police officers arrested him.

The arrested suspect was identified as Mr. Veerayuth or Mike Panin, age 25, address 3/1 Moo 4 Tambon Huapa, Amphur Promburi, Singburi province. The officers then mobilized forces to arrest monk Lertmongkol in room number 26 at the Plutaluang hotel, Moo 1 Tambon Plutaluang, Amphur Sattahip, Chonburi province.

Police arrested a third monk, identified as Mr. Soonthree or Wan Sa-ngeamnam, age 25, address 105/5 Moo 3 Tambon Samnakthon, Amphur Baan Chang, Rayong province

Police searched the hotel room and found 4 tablets of amphetamines hidden in the electric plug box on the top of the bed, as well as equipment to consume amphetamine. Police also seized for evidence the monk’s bag that contained his monk’s robes as well as the personal book of monk Lertmonkol issued by the Lord Abbot of Prajeenburi province.

During questioning, Mr. Lertmonkol confessed that he had been ordained in a temple in Prajeenburi province before escaping from that temple. He went to stay in another temple in Tambon Plutaluang, but he stayed only a few days after he had problem with the abbot.

So Mr. Lertmonkol left the monkhood by dressing as an ordinary person. He changed clothes in the restroom of the temple without having the ritual to formally leave the monkhood. Mr. Lertmonkol then escaped from the temple to rent a room in the Plutaluang hotel, where he made a phone call to Mr. Veerayuth and Mr. Soonthree, who together had been ordained with him.

As monks, the three had been selling amphetamines to customers and other monks who consumed drugs. So Mr. Letmonkok invited his two pals to join him in his hotel room, where they an amphetamine party. Shortly after, the police set up the undercover sting and arrested the suspects.

The suspects and evidence were sent to investigation officers at Sattahip and Plutaluang police stations for prosecution for Type-1 drug (amphetamine) charges for possession and selling illegally

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