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Suspected drug-dealing housewives blame it on economy

Three housewives working for a most wanted Lao drug trafficker to supply narcotics to dealers in two northeastern provinces claimed economic woes had forced them to enter the drug trade so they could feed their families.

The trio also offered barter trade of speed pills for vehicles to attract cashless buyers.

All from Nakhon Phanom’s Ban Phaeng district, were caught separately in Udon Thani province on drug charges, Pol Col Vith Muthasin, Udon Thani investigation chief said on Tuesday.

Seized from them were 3,800 speed pills and two cars, he said.

Those who had no cash could barter their motorcycles or cars for speed pills. The rates were 200 speed pills for a motorcycle, 2,000 pills for a car and 2,500 pills for a pickup truck, Thairath Online reported.

A police spy posing as a customer contacted the two women offering to trade a motorcycle for speed pills.  As the pair showed up at a mall in downtown Udon Thani to deliver the drugs, police moved on to arrest them.

They said they were not drug addicts and only supplied them to small dealers. Customers could pay cash for speed pills or pay with cars, pickup trucks or motorcycles.

full article Bangkokpost
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