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Udon police seize record drug haul
« on: August 21, 2018, 08:48:37 PM »
Udon police seize record drug haul

Nineteen sacks, containing 3.2 million speed pills and 170kg of crystal methamphetamine or ya ice, are wrapped in black plastic sheets found in a lorry transporting cement powder in Udon Thani on Tuesday. The driver of the truck is caught for smuggling the drugs from Laos. (Photo by Yuttapong Kamnodnae)

Some 3.2 million speed pills and 170kg of crystal methamphetamine from Laos were seized and a Thai man caught on Tuesday in the largest seizure of illicit drugs in this northeastern province.

Police found 19 sacks wrapped in black plastic sheets inside a cement powder lorry parked in the compound of a cement factory in Muang district on Tuesday. Thirteen of the sacks contained 3.2 million speed pills while six others held 170kg of crystal methamphetamine, said Pol Lt Gen Peerapong Wongsamarn, chief of Udon Thani police.

Truck driver Khanchit Champathong, of Udon Thani, was caught shortly before the seizure by patrol police. Mr Khanchit was riding a motorcycle to the cement factory when he was stopped by the police.

The search found 14,000 speed pills on his bike. The officers extended the search and found 12,000 more pills in his living quarters inside the factory. He was taken for interrogation and police found he worked as a driver at the cement factory.

A search of the truck he drove uncovered the drugs, the largest seizure of narcotics in this northeastern province, said Pol Lt Gen Surachai.

Mr Khanchit had driven the lorry containing cement powder to Laos before he was approached by a drug dealer identified as Chaiporn to smuggle the products into the country, said Pol Lt Gen Surachai.

Mr Khanchit, a drug addict who took 2-5 speed pills a day, accepted the job. He drove the vehicle across the Thai-Lao friendship bridge to deliver cement powder to the Lao side on Aug 16 and took the opportunity to get the drugs from Mr Chaiporn. On the following day, he drove the lorry back to the Thai side, using the friendship bridge and was not stopped for a search. He later parked the lorry inside the factory while waiting for someone to pick up the drugs.

He said he was caught before being paid the promised 200,000 baht.

Pol Lt Gen Surchai ordered police to extend the investigation.
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