Author Topic: Thailand burns three tonnes of crystal meth, heroin, cocaine on World Drug Day  (Read 842 times)

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We often hear about the successes of drug enforcement agencies on World Drug Day, but as Thai authorities publicly incinerated more than three tonnes of narcotics, they made it clear that the battle is far from won.

The event, organised by the Ministry of Public Health, took place at the Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya Province.

The authorities disposed of 3.36 tonnes of methamphetamines, crystal meth, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, among other things.

All the drugs were seized by law enforcement during more than 2,500 cases over the last year.

The stash had a street value of more than £215 million, which shows Thailand is making progress in stemming the flow of drugs into the country.

But drug-producing groups in neighbouring Myanmar are making it difficult.

Most of the drugs coming into Thailand are trafficked through country.

According to the the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Myanmar's drug problems are directly linked to long-running ethnic insurgencies.

The main player in the country's drug market is reportedly the United Wa State Army, who control the eastern border with Thailand.

The Thai Government can do nothing about them because they do not openly operate within its borders.

According to the Thai Public Health Administration, there are still around two million drug users in Thailand, with methamphetamine being the most commonly-used drug.

World Drug Day was established by UNODC in 1987.

Thailand burns three tonnes of crystal meth, heroin, cocaine on World Drug Day


All I can see, is them transporting it somewhere else. For a discount sale maybe?

I would have liked to see how they actually burn drugs and the bystanders, for example the cameraman getting high on breathing in the fumes.