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Police foil drug smuggling plot
« on: November 02, 2012, 12:05:21 PM »
Police foil drug smuggling plot

KHON KAEN -- Police have foiled a Khon Kaen prison inmate’s plan to have a convict, who was waiting to be transported from a provincial court’s holding cells to the prison, smuggle speed pills hidden in milk boxes for him.

The plan was intercepted after an unidentified man brought health drinks to Piyawat Sripan, 25, a drug suspect who was waiting to hear the court’s ruling on his case, shortly after noon on Thursday, reports said.

Pol Sub Lt Yutthapan Sombat, the court duty officer, said the visiting man claimed to be Mr Piyawat’s relative and informed him he wanted to give the suspect three boxes of milk and two boxes of green tea drink.

The officer checked the items and found each of the milk box tops appeared to have been cut and refolded and milk was leaking out. He later discovered a total of 110 methamphetamine tablets, or yaba, concealed in condoms inside the three boxes. Twenty more yaba tablets were found hidden in straws.

The man fled from the courthouse when he saw the hidden drugs had been discovered.

Pol Sub Lt Yutthapan described him as a tall, thin man, aged about 25 and wearing a black t-shirt.

The officer quoted Mr Piyawat as saying that an inmate in Khon Kaen Central Prison identified only as Pol had hired him to take the drugs into the prison. He promised to give him 20 tablets. The court sentenced Mr Piyawat to 25 years and he would be sent to join Pol in the prison later today.

He said Pol told him a man would come to the court to deliver the drugs in milk boxes and he was to hide the pills in his anus to smuggle them from the court to the prison.

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