Author Topic: Monk Arrested For Drug Abuse In Graveyard ( Nongkhai )  (Read 769 times)

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Monk Arrested For Drug Abuse In Graveyard ( Nongkhai )
« on: September 02, 2013, 10:20:49 AM »
A monk has been arrested in Nongkhai Province after the locals found him taking illegal drugs inside the temple cemetery′s restroom.

Mr. Sorasart Nuengmatsha, head of local security in Khuinagkhao Village, Mueng District, said he was alerted by fellow villagers about the strange behaviour of Pra Witthaya Pholyano, 40, after he was seen walking drunk in the village and damaging several vehicles.

Mr. Sorasart then sought out the monk. He eventually found Pra Witthaya taking drugs in the graveyard′s restroom, just behind a local temple. Police soon arrived to take the monk into custody.

Pra Witthaya said  he was visiting his fellow monk in the Ban Nong Song Hong temple, and was about to leave town but it started raining so he took shelter in the graveyard.

There, the monk said, he met local teenagers who advised him how to contact the drug dealer and successfully bought the drug for 250 baht. He admitted to taking drugs to pass time till it stops raining and his outfits are dry, but insisted he never left the restroom to beat up anyone′s car.

Pra Witthaya was eventually defrocked and charged with drug abuse.
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