Author Topic: Love is a Drug for Pattaya ladyboy video  (Read 1505 times)

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Love is a Drug for Pattaya ladyboy video
« on: September 22, 2012, 03:09:22 PM »
Pattaya: Pattaya police were astounded when a ladyboy walked in and confessed to drug possession, but the tail has a twist


 As the storms hit Pattaya city, staff on the front desk at the Police station in Soi 9 expected a quiet and uneventful day, until a rain drenched Ladyboy walked in, holding a suitcase and a plastic bag.  Handing the plastic bag to the duty officers, she demanded to be arrested for possession.

Digging deeper, police took a formal statement from the 29 year old and discovered that she had been released from Banglamung prison in the summer, as part of a Royal pardon issued in celebration of HM. The Queen’s birthday but ever since had wanted to get back inside.

During her imprisonment for pickpocketing on Pattaya’s beach, the ladyboy fell in love with a long term prisoner who has three years of his sentence remaining for drug related crimes.  They adored each other and, according to her, swore to look after each other for ever.

When the Royal  pardon meant that she was to be released, her boyfriend arranged for her to receive 8000 baht to go home and settle down, to wait for his release in a few years.  After just a few   weeks the ladyboy was heartbroken and lonely as, according to her, he is the love of her life.

She decided to do what ever she could to bring them back together again, and to that end, managed to purchase two Yabba tablets, neatly packed in a plastic bag and it was with that bag, together with her suitcase, neatly packed with her meagre belongings, that she presented herself to police and demanded to be imprisoned for drug possession.

Perhaps reluctantly, Police were obliged to charge her and keep her in custody as a decision is made regarding her future as  . “There is a penalty for possession of just one pill or any form of illegal drug in Thai law

Transsexual re-offends so he can re-join his lover at Pattaya Remand Prison - Pattaya One

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Re: Love is a Drug for Pattaya ladyboy video
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Ahhhh.....True love has no boundaries.