Author Topic: Innocent 9 Year – Old Killed By Drug Addict In Buriram  (Read 823 times)

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A former prison inmate who was locked up in prison for over 10 years shockingly killed a 9 year-old boy after he had hallucinations following a glue-sniffing session.

BURIRAM – July 23,2013 [PDN]; Police were able to arrest the 34 year-old suspect who had horrendously killed the boy. He reportedly had hallucinations after he sniffed on glue, which made him go mad and eventually kill the 9 year-old who was his own nephew. He reportedly used a chopping knife to kill the boy.

Witnesses said that when locals tried to stop him and rescue the injured, he refused to listen and went after anyone who came near him. When police tried to peacefully talk to him, he refused to listen and threatened the officers, making the officers decide to shoot his left leg in order to arrest him.

The man reportedly came out of prison not too long ago after he was locked up in prison for over 10 years and after he was released out of prison, he entered monkhood. But due to his addiction to glue-sniffing, he had to leave the monkhood, as it is not acceptable in Buddhism.

Police have now taken the suspect to Buriram Polices station where he will charged for several allegations.
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