Author Topic: illegal drugs to be the route cause of tourist-related crimes  (Read 841 times)

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In the early hours of Wednesday Police Major Katcha, the Provincial Police Commander led over 100 officers to the Sunee Plaza Entertainment area in South Pattaya to conduct spot checks and random drug tests on Thai Nationals working at the location.

Police have identified illegal drugs to be the route cause of tourist-related crimes in Pattaya and do not want a recurrence of the recent case of the two Russians who were abducted, robbed and assaulted. Although that case appears to have come to a positive conclusion with the arrest of those suspected of conducting the crime, the reputation of Pattaya, especially in the lucrative Russian market has been affected and the government in conjunction with the Police are determined to show the world that they can and will clean-up the City.

On Wednesday morning every bar in Soi Sunee Plaza was visited by Police and almost 150 Thai males were subjected to presumptive drug tests. More than 30 individuals failed the test and were arrested pending a more accurate test at the Hospital. If they are found to have consumed drugs they will be sent to Court and could receive a prison term of up to 45 days.

At this time the Police appear to be favouring quantity rather than quality of arrests but have promised that as the crackdown continues they will target the larger-scale drug dealers. They have a number of investigations on-going at this time which are expected to come to fruition during the 30 day crime crackdown.

With Thailand’s top Police Officers watching the crackdown very carefully immense pressure is on Pattaya Police to deliver on a promise to reduce crime rates to “zero”.
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Re: illegal drugs to be the route cause of tourist-related crimes
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What a load of crap.

Grab some bar girls who have a few baht, take a fine from those who have taken drugs and let them go. Meanwhile scooter boy is lurking near the beach with his gun or knife waiting for a drunken farang to pass by in the early hours.