Author Topic: Former Deputy Mayor caught with 14,000 Yabba Tablets  (Read 812 times)

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Former Deputy Mayor caught with 14,000 Yabba Tablets
« on: April 08, 2013, 03:44:54 PM »
A 44 year old former Deputy Mayor from Sriracha District, close to Pattaya, was arrested early on Monday Morning, after she delivered drugs to a location next to Highway 7 in East Pattaya.

Police received a tip-off that the drop was going to take place and waited at the location. A Black Toyota Altis drove past and the driver threw a bag of drugs out of the window and then drove off. The driver and her vehicle were intercepted further down the road.


The bag contained 2,000 Yabba Tablets and the driver was Khun Natanan, a former Deputy Mayor of Nonghieng sub-district in Chonburi who recently failed in her bid to be re-elected into office.

She was escorted to her rented apartment at the Siam City Condo in the Bowin area of Sriracha District where a further 12,000 Yabba Tablets were found.

At Pattaya Police Station she revealed to Police Colonel Suwan, who oversaw the entire operation, that after she lost the election she fell into debt and combined with medical expenses for her sick mother, she needed to earn money quickly.

She was introduced to an inmate at Chonburi Central Prison and via mobile phone she began to deliver drugs for him and would receive 2,500 Baht for every successful drop.

The inmate, Khun Maek, is now under investigation and Khun Natanan is facing the prospect of a lengthy prison term if she is found guilty of serious class 1 drug charges she now faces.

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