Author Topic: Drug User Chokes On A ‘Meatball’ Made Of Meth  (Read 866 times)

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Drug User Chokes On A ‘Meatball’ Made Of Meth
« on: December 31, 2012, 09:29:28 PM »
Talk of the devil

A 37-year-old man snuck some meth pills past a police checkpoint by pretending a meatball was stuck in his throat and he had to urgently see the doctor.

But the “meatball” was actually the pills wrapped in tape. However, a pothole later jolted his motorbike and caused the meth ball to really get stuck in his throat. The doctor who removed the ball discovered the pills and called the police.

SRIRACHA – December 31, 2012 [PDN]: a report of a doctor finding meth pills inside a small round ball he removed from a patient’s throat was received by Pol. Col. Thanit Taiwatcharamas, director of Sriracha police station. Police officers were sent to Somdej hospital to investigate.

The suspect caught with the meth pills was identified as Mr. Amnaj Dodchai, 37 years old, from Bankoh, Khonkan. Mr. Amnaj had come to the hospital in an emergency, claiming he could not breathe because of something blocking his windpipe.

So the doctor checked and injected an anesthetic before removing the stuck object from Mr. Amnaj’s throat. The doctor found that the round object was about the size of a ping pong ball, and something inside it was wrapped and bound with tape. When the doctor unwrapped the tape, he found 9 tablets of meth inside the round object. So he called the police to check and arrest Mr. Amnaj.

Arriving police then detained Mr. Amnaj and took him to the police station to investigate. Mr. Amnaj then confessed to possessing the meth pills. He told police that before he came to Sriracha that night, he had bought 10 tablets of meth to use, and he had swallowed one of them after making the purchase.

He then bound the rest of the meth pills into a small ball with the tape, and put it in his pocket. Then he rode on a motorcycle with Mr. Somboon as they traveled from Bowin to the New Year’s ceremony in Sirracha. But on the way, they saw a police checkpoint.

Mr. Amnaj was afraid of being caught with the meth tablets, so he stuck the ball of meth pills in his mouth. Then the pair stopped their motorbike at the checkpoint manned by Huay Prab police in Bowin, Sriracha.

When police asked to check them, Mr. Somboon told Mr. Amnaj to pretend that the ball of meth pills was a meatball stuck in his throat, and that they had to see the doctor urgently. So the police at the checkpoint did not check the two men and let them go.

But while riding away, Mr. Somboon’s motorcycle went over a deep pothole. The resulting jolt caused the meth ball to get lodged into Mr. Amnaj’s throat and he suddenly could not breathe. So Mr. Somboon had to rush to the hospital urgently, and it was lucky that his clever friend Mr. Amnaj did not die by choking to death.

But the two men were arrested, however, and were sent to the detective team to be prosecuted on charges of illegally possessing a Type-1 drug (meth).
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