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Drug-dealing family arrested
« on: December 29, 2012, 03:14:31 AM »
Drug-dealing family arrested

Police have arrested a family of drug dealers in front of a shopping mall in Si Sa Ket province.

A police undercover sting operation resulted in the apprehension of Kongka Chaiyawong, 46, Boonruang Suwannagoot, 50, Pongsiri Suwannagoot, 28, and Kraisak Suwannagoot, 23, on Thursday.

The family had in their possession 18,000 methamphetamine pills, 1.3 million baht in cash, two guns and some ammunition.

An investigation had revealed that Mr Pongsiri and Mr Kraisak, Mr Kongka's stepsons, were both major drug dealers who received drug consignments from outside the country, police said.

Mrs Boonruang, the mother, was in charge of laundering the dirty money by purchasing land and opening resorts.

Police said the two stepsons had announced that they will reward anyone who can kill the police officers who  arrested them.

The drug-dealing family was charged with possession and distribution of methamphetamine and unlicenced possession of firearms. Police also seized family assets worth an estimated four million baht.

In Phayao province, police arrested two men and a woman forpossession and distribution of illegal drugs on Friday.

Officers said they conducted a sting operation and arrested Umnuay Hongprasit, 34, and Seng Sae-Her, 36, and Meiliew Sae-Lee, 22.

Police have confiscated a combined amount of 1,450 yaba pills. The three individuals were taken into custody for further investigation, police reported.

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