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Nice to see the soi dogs lending a hand - Drug Cartel sting 30 amphetamine pills, 2 tubes of amphetamine, 3,000 baht in cash and their mobile phones were seized. wow!

Drug Cartel Dealers Arrested in Sting Operation

Chiang Mai Police in partnership with the Phamuang Force who lead drug busts in the north of Thailand sucessfully arrested three members of a drug cartel during a sting operation in Charoen Muang Soi 7.

On May 8, police arrested a 31-year-old man identified only as S, who had 11 yaba pills on him. After his arrest, more information was collected about a local drug cartel and with information provided by S, a sting operation was arranged.

The drug dealers were asked to come by his house and sell him a large pack of yaba pills.

As the deal was underway, plain clothed police officers emerged and successfully arrested the three people in a pickup owned by the drug dealer.

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