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CHIANG RAI — A drug smuggler arrested with more than 800,000 tablets of methamphetamine this afternoon was discovered to be a high-ranking police officer tasked with cracking down on illegal drugs.

Pol.Lt.Col. Chamnarn P was arrested at a checkpoint near the Thai-Myanmar border in Chiang Rai province after officers searched his vehicle and found large amounts of narcotics hidden in two bags. 

According to a statement from police, the search of Pol.Lt.Col. Chamnarn's car turned up at least 800,000 meth tablets and one kilogram of crystal meth. The confiscated items are said to be worth more than 200 million baht.

Police say Pol.Lt.Col. Chamnarn is the deputy commander of the Chai Prakarn Police Station in Chiang Mai province. He is also known as a tough anti-drug crusader among Region 5 police officers, police say.

Pol.Col. Wirat Soomnapan, an officer with the Chiang Rai police force, said police are interrogating the suspect to find out more about the drug network he allegedly works for.
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Re: Chiang Mai Anti-Drug Police Chief Arrested For Drug Delivery
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Accused drug buster officer involved with  major drug trafficking ring

Royal Thai Police deputy commissioner Pol Gen Pongsapat Pongcharoen said that the police officer of Chiang Mai who was earlier arrested on drug charge had been engaged in drug trafficking network operated by Col Yi Ze.
He said investigation revealed that the officer Pol Lt-Col  Chamnan Poongpaichit, deputy superintendent of Chai Prakarn police station  in Chiang Mai, had been in contacts with major drug trafficking network for several times before gaining trust to be designated to trafficking  in such a huge amount of drugs.

The officer was arrested at a checkpoint in Huey Kai, Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai last week while driving in a Toyota Fortuner.

More than  800,000 methamphetamine tablets and one kilogramme of Ice were found in the van he was driving  from Chiang Rai province to Bangkok.

A search at one of his home also produced a safe with hidden gold bullions. Cutting open the safe with gas, 150 gold bullions are found, each weighing 10-baht weight. A baht weight of gold is equivalent to 15.244 grammes.

The accused drug buster reportedly admitted that he agreed to deliver the drugs worth about 164 million baht to a customer in Bangkok in exchange for three million baht service fees.

He also told  police interrogators that he badly in need of money to repay his three million baht in debts with the Royal Thai Police Cooperatives and for two houses he bought on high purchase.

The officer was later dismissed from the services  pending an investigation.

If found guilty, maximum penalty is dead, the deputy commissioner said.

All that gold in a safe, but was not able to pay 3mil baht for home repayments. :uhm
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