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Addict sells his grandparents' roof
« on: November 07, 2012, 01:24:59 PM »
LAMPANG – A man forced his grandparents to sell the roof off their house so that he could use the money to buy drugs, reports said.

Residents of tambol Ton Thong Chai in Muang district called reporters and asked they spread the news about the elderly couple.

They said Tomkam, 78, and Nangnoi, 73, were in a bad state. They were living in a wooden two-level house with no roof to give them shelter.

The elderly couple had to sleep on the floor next to the toilet. The second storey’s wooden floor had many holes and when it rained they had to cover themselves with plastic.

Grandma Nangnoi told reporters that she had to sell the roof and some of the wooden flooring because her grandson, Kitipong, 28, needed the money to buy methamphetamines.

She said the man beat them when they refused to give him money. The couple are living on a government  old-age pension of 700 baht a month.

Mrs Nangnoi said she sold all her belongings to support her grandson's drug problem. She said the last time she did not have any money to give to Kitipong, he removed the pipes in the bathroom and sold them.

Kittipong, according to the couple, had recently fled to Chiang Mai after learning he was wanted by the police for selling drugs.
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