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What is a dashboard for
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What is a dashboard for

Must be strange for new visitors to Thailand to see a dashboard with Budah sitting on the top, if it's a taxi it might well be decorated as much as a christmas tree, but with amulets and flower garlands. There belief is they are there to protect the vehicle, it’s driver and it’s passengers from danger.

Many Thai taxis position a Buddha on the dashboard facing the road, one facing inside the car and sometimes one on the parcel shelf facing the road behind. I have seen some thai vehicles with so much stay lucky karma stuff on the dashboard, you can barely see the road in front.

It's all about the journey goddess, Mae Yanang. The garlands are hung to appease the Journey Goddess, which in return they believe it will assure a safe journey. Bit like some people back home carry a St Christopher. Some drivers steer around corners and bends with one hand on the steering wheel the other holding the garlands and amulets from swinging around. When some pass an important shrine start worrying, if your a passenger, both hands come off the steering wheel for a wai. :o

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