Author Topic: Dies Crashing Into Pickup After Fight With Girl Friend  (Read 422 times)

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Dies Crashing Into Pickup After Fight With Girl Friend
« on: February 17, 2012, 12:23:43 PM »
               Mr.”Net” Dies Crashing Into Pickup After Fight With Girl Friend

A young man from Pattaya man got upset about his girlfriend and crashed his motorcycle into a parked Isuzu D-Max and died on the spot.

Pattaya, February 16, 2012 [PDN]; Pol.Lt.Col. Taileart Luepue Pattaya police station was notified about a motorcycle & pick-up truck accident. The rider died on the spot. The fatal accident happened in front of the Seven-11 store near Soi Toongklom-Talman on Sukhumvit Road , Sattahit inbound, M12, Banglamung Chonburi.

At the accident scene the police found the corpse of Anakechat Srihatap alias “Net”, age 20 years old, lying on his back with a wound on his head and bruises, scratches all over his body in a pool of blood.

Neaby his damaged black & white , X1,Yamaha bike registration plate: YorKorTor (ยคต)-801 Bangkok. The bike had crashed violently into the rear of a black D-max Izusu pick-up wich was parked beside the road. Beside him the police found his elder sister and friends in tears.

Mr. Prasit Supavita, age 20 a friend of the deceased said, he was saddened for losing his friend. He continued that, before it happended Anakechart or “Net” and other friends had been drinking alcohol in front of a dorm in Soi Khao Noi.

“Net” had quarreled wit his girlfriend, “Tarl” who rented a dorm near by. The couple had a fight and their friends had tried to stop them. There after “Net suddendy jumped on his bike and rode off at high speed. His friends followed him in a car. They were afraid that he would try to hurt himself. He was know for his temper.

Moments later they were horrified as they saw “Net” crashing into the rear of a pick-up truck. To them it looked like a suicide. His friends tried to help and wanted to send him to the to the hospital. But it was too late “Net” was already dead.

At first, polices questioned both the girlfriend and friends of the victim, including Mr.Vivakorn Jutaporn, 26 years old, the owner of the pick-up truck. The police also kept his pick up as evidence and sent the corpse to Banglamung hospital for autopsy. The relatives of the deceased will be informed.

Regarding the cause of death, the police have not yet concluded that it was his intention to kill himself. It could also be an fatal accident due to high speed riding.

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