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Thai air passenger volume soars to 32m-plus record
« on: April 27, 2016, 01:33:17 PM »
Thai air passenger volume soars to 32m-plus record

Passenger traffic through major Thai airports soared 13.73% in the first quarter to reach a record of 32.32 million people.

Robust tourism coupled with the popularity of budget airlines contributed to growth in the January-March period.

Low-cost carriers (LCCs) increased their passenger volume by 20.06% during the period to 13.49 million, representing 41.73% of overall passenger traffic through the six airports operated by Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT).

The surge in combined passenger throughput was accompanied by a 9.47% increase in aircraft movements (take-offs and landings), which numbered 197,913. LCCs accounted for 82,972 of that sum, up 8.14% over the same period last year.

Four of the six AoT-run airports recorded double-digit growth in combined passenger traffic.

Bangkok's Don Mueang, serving as a hub for fast-growing, no frills carriers, showed the highest growth rate in the first quarter. Hat Yai airport's volume, by contrast, showed the slowest growth.

According to AoT figures, Don Mueang handled 8.85 million, a 23.12% increase, while Hat Yai only grew 3.49% to 925,748.

Suvarnabhumi, Thailand's gateway and largest airport, increased its passenger traffic by 8.03% to 15.27 million.

Phuket, the country's third-busiest airport, which periodically suffers from overcrowding, saw an 18.72% increase in passenger throughput to 4.26 million.

Chiang Mai airport recorded a 14.64% boost in passenger traffic to 2.48 million, while Chiang Rai's volume jumped 18.77% to 516,859.

Passenger traffic volume handled by LCCs at those airports reflected similar patterns.

Don Mueang's LCC passenger volume jumped 20.95% to 8.08 million, the largest increase of any AoT-run airport.

Trailing behind were Phuket, up 24.99% to 1.51 million, and Chiang Mai, up 13.97% to 1.50 million.

Suvarnabhumi, which mostly handles full-service airlines, saw 1.25 million in LCC passenger traffic -- a 27.13% spike.

Chiang Rai's LCC passenger volume ballooned 28.05% to 376,129, while LCC traffic at Hat Yai inched up 2.21% to 759,575.

Due to the weak economy and sluggish exports, total cargo pushed through the six airports was almost flat in the first quarter, with a marginal 0.43% increase to 343,159 tonnes.


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