Author Topic: Taxi driver offers free booze to passengers who spend more than THB999  (Read 341 times)

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A taxi driver who goes by the name “Lek- Taximeter,” has found a creative way to market himself.

The deal is simple: passengers who spend more than THB999 ($32) receive one can of Leo beer.

So impressed were Thai netizens with Lex's promotional abilities that they've dubbed him“the MVP of cabbies.”Some have even offered him marketing positions at their companies, seeing him as a smart publicist.

Don't drink? For lesser fares customers can receive other deals. Passengers who spend more than THB99 receive one can of EST cola and those who part with more than THB199 receive two cans of Pepsi. For older customers, you can get a bottle of green tea merely by showing Lek’s name card.   bangkokpost

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