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Stranded Scoot Passengers Reveal “Riot-Like” Chaos and Fury at Changi Airport

In videos shared online, angry passengers who were stranded after their Scoot flight was disrupted showed the chaos that followed following the delay.

21 June 2015

Passengers of Flight TZ 8 were apparently rescheduled 7 times due to different technical issues.

Two of the rescheduled flights were even cancelled because the tyres of one plane were too badly worn, and flight staff had clocked too many flight hours and could not fly.

Passengers had to wait 22 hours for a working flight that would take them to their destination, Perth.

The handling of stranded passengers has particularly left many hopping mad.

Many had to sleep overnight at the airport, because Scoot refused them temporary accommodation.

Subsequently, passengers were given a S$10 meal voucher, and a S$50 Scoot travel voucher for use to book future Scoot flights.

Passenger Anny Ho said:

“Many people stuck together after being refused temporary accomodation or ample time to obtain food within the first 12 hrs of a flight that has now been delayed for 20hrs and 50 mins. Women with children and elderly people have been asked to sleep in the airport and noone from either of the company’s management have come to take responsibility for their inhumane and discraceful treatment.”

This is in stark contrast to a Scoot flight that was Singapore-bound from Hong Kong, which suffered disruptions just a day TZ 8 (19 June).

Passengers of that flight were given hotel accommodation, and even free breakfast and dinner.

The original TZ 8 flight was scheduled to depart from Singapore at 12.10pm  on Saturday (June 20).

The flight finally left for Perth at 10.40am on Sunday (21 Jun).

Changi Airport riot.... pls pls help us

full article: redwiretimes
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