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Railway of Thailand struggles
« on: February 18, 2017, 01:41:31 PM »
SRT plans to cancel 18 passenger services

Eighteen passenger trains are slated for the axe as the State Railway of Thailand struggles to stay competitive with other public transport and finally make a profit.

A source at the State Railway of Thailand said on Wednesday the SRT will terminate 18 of the 181 services is now operates. They are  services which run at less than half passenger capacity or are deemed unnecessary as the routes are also served by buses or public vans.

The decision will result in the dropping of four trains on the northern line, four in the southern region and 10 commuter trains operating between provinces close to Bangkok and the capital.

"Some free train services will also have to go, but those routes which have no other public transport alternatives will continue," the source said.

Two express trains to the northeastern region will have their timetables changed from a daily service to three times a week, Friday to Sunday, the source said.

The timing of the changes has not been settled as it remains a plan and still needs board approval.

The SRT hopes it will increase load factors. Other trains will reach their destinations up to 30 minutes earlier after the services are taken off the tracks, according to the source.

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