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Passenger vs No 8 bus driver, conductor ♦ video
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:15:31 PM »
A passenger engaged in a verbal confrontation with a driver and a conductor of Bangkok's notorious No.8 bus on Sunday morning. The quarrel was caught on camera and was posted on a social media site by another passenger.

รถเมล์ สาย 8 อีกแล้ว

Patcharee PK, a Facebook user who was on the bus at the time, wrote on her page that the woman passenger was initially unable to board the bus at a bus stop as she was getting her belongings. The bus did not wait and took off.

Shortly after, the woman passenger was able to get on the bus when it got stuck in traffic. After taking a seat, she complained to the bus driver and the conductor about them not waiting for her.

The conductor and the bus driver shouted back at her, told her to leave and challenged her to make a phone call to the bus hotline to complain about them being rude.

The video clip went viral on social media sites within a few hours and most internet users criticised the bus staff for their poor service.

The joint private-public bus route No.8 was voted Bangkok's worst service in an online survey conducted by Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt.

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Re: BMTA Punishes Bus Staff Who Argue With Passenger
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(October 7) Bangkok public transport authority has ordered the immediate expulsion of a bus driver and a bus conductor who were filmed  as they shouted abuse at a passenger.

The announcement came after the circulation of the video clip, which showed the staff on number 8 bus arguing and shouting with a passenger who complained about their poor service.

The clip has been widely shared on the social network; many netizens see it as yet another evidence of the substandard service provided by the number 8 buses, which belong to the state authority but are contracted to private operators.

Mr. Opas Petchmunee, director of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA), said today that an official has received complaint about the argument between the bus staff and a passenger on 5 October, and have reported the matter to the Authority soon afterwards.

The BMTA has conducted an investigation and discussed the issue with representatives of Sap 888 Company, which operate the bus, Mr. Opas said.

"The investigation has concluded that the staff have committed wrongdoing," the director said, adding that the BMTA has taken steps to punish the pair, namely, such as ordering the company to immediately fire the bus driver and the conductor.

The bus where the confrontation took place would also be taken out of service for 10 days, Mr. Opas said, and the BMTA will notify other private bus companies under contract with the Authority not to receive the expelled staff to work in the future.

Number 8 buses are notorious for rude staff and reckless behaviour of the drivers. In an online poll organised by the Minister of Transport earlier this year, the number 8 route buses are voted as the worst buses in Bangkok metropolis.
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.