Author Topic: My Saga today at the Jho Ho transport Office.  (Read 2576 times)

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My Saga today at the Jho Ho transport Office.
« on: October 25, 2017, 05:55:38 PM »
I went to the transport office in Jho Ho at 09:30 hours this morning (2017-10-25) to renew my driver’s license.

But first off here is my situation; I am back here until the 2nd of November on a 60 day tourist visa.
My 5 yr Thai DL expires on the 19th of Jan, 2018.
My wife found out that one can renew your DL up to 3 months early if you have a valid reason, (ie not going to be in the country is a pretty good one). Could have gone on the 19th of October but turned out that week was a busy one for us.

We front up to the office on the 2nd floor and wife is advised to get 1 copy of the following items:
1, Passport, ALL pages???
2, Yellow house book
3, Old Thai DL
   NO medical test required

Next we did the colour test, no problem
Then the peripheral vision test, I had problems with this as I put my nose too far down in the “slot” and therefore had my eyes to far forward to see the dam colours, wife told me afterwards that I had to put the tip of my nose on the aluminium plate, not going to happen when 10,000 other snotty nosed creatures have had theirs there, LOL.
I think I got that one even looked at some of the others & they had no idea of what to do, madam tester was getting very testy with one of the young gentlemen.
Next came the reaction test and the distance perception test.
Well I am a little hyped by this stage and waiting for the green light to go out on the reaction test. I NAILED that sucker good and hard, the poor test lady just about jumped out of her seat & yelped something in Thai, but the floor pedals where still working when I left.
Now for depth perception, the wife had been saying move the green button, but the vertical bar that it controlled was at its furthest distance back, so test lady shouts out something so I figure that I should be pushing the red button, LOL. 2 attempts at this one to get a pass.
All this with about 30 others going through the same tests and watching everyone.
Then we get herded into the theatre to watch the movie, the review was showing first then the main show started after a few more showed up, (no intervention by the staff at this stage) So I am just about falling asleep at the 20 min mark of the film (with Thai subtitles) and one of the staff come in stop the film and start it again, this time with Engrish subtitles,
Oh great the film was only 30 min long, but it was nice to have the “Engrish translation of the Thai language, a little awkward to read when English is written as composed in the Thai language, I think you guys will know what I am talking about.
So now back to the main office and we have to pay the 555 Baht for the new license no problem. pay and we go to desk No 1 & wait my turn to be photographed. The photographer lady looks through the documents and spots that I am on a 60 day tourist visa, I can see that something is not quite right after much conversation with the missus she confers with her colleagues and then phones another office for confirmation of what she suspects.
The verdict is that when on a 60 day tourist visa one can only get a DL valid for 2 years.
I am Ok with that as I will be back some time before October 2019, just don’t know when yet. So the papers have to go back to the money lady and changed to 2 years and we get a rebate of 356 baht, so 200 baht for  a 2 year temporary DL.
We walked out of the office just on midday, not too bad, now I am possession of a new Thai DL, its unfortunate that its only good for Thailand,

Now of to the mall for lunch!

Just my experience for those that could be in a similar situation.