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Mercedes-Benz sedans used as VIP taxis
« on: June 02, 2018, 02:44:40 PM »
Mercedes-Benz sedans used as VIP taxis

All Thai Taxi Co Ltd has revealed it will now operate its first 15 Mercedes-Benz E-350 taxis in an effort to raise its service to international standards.

Department of Land Transport Director-General Sanit Promwong said during the launch of the new VIP taxi service that it was a move to raise the standards of taxi service in the country.

The company wants to cater to business people and those looking for next level comfort and premium service. Passengers can request a VIP taxi directly via a mobile application.

Drivers are also required to have a good command of English to be able to communicate with foreign passengers. Only Mercedes-Benz E-350 cars that are less than two years old and have mileage not over 20,000 kilometers will be used in the service.

All vehicles must be equipped with anti-lock braking systems, airbags, GPS tracking devices, emergency buttons and CCTV cameras. Drinking water, a cold towel, a newspaper, a mobile phone charger and free Wi-Fi will be provided to the passenger in the car.

In the next two months, All Thai Taxi Co Ltd will increase the number of VIP taxis to 100. Passengers will be charged 150 baht for the first two kilometers and 12 baht per kilometer the following kilometers. In case of traffic jams, they will be charged 6 baht per minute.

An additional fee of 50 baht or lower will apply if a request for a VIP taxi is made directly with the company, while a maximum fee of 100 baht will apply for advance reservation and at the airport.
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