Author Topic: Motorbike accident deaths - Thailand No.1 in the world - figures going up & up  (Read 555 times)

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A disturbing report from the claiming Thailand is no.1 in the world for Motorbike accident deaths and the figure just keeps rising. Around 5,500 motorcyclists die every year mostly youths.

There is a call on manufacturers to limit speeds the bike can go, but the faster the bike the more popular it is. Speed sells, unfortunately it also kills. At Songkran over the last ten years we have seen no lessening of accidents
and the deaths continue to rise.

A cap on speeds to limit motorcyclists to 60 kilometers an hour would certainly cut the death figure.

My view it needs overhauling all the way round, educating people, how many times have you seen 3 kids on a motorcycle, no helmets driving to school , in full view of the police and the teachers, nothing done about it. Another statement that looks like it's addressing the problem and tomorrow is the same. There is no adequate driver training or driving tests. There is no 100% enforcement of laws as in, speed, underage drivers, ignoring signals, driving in the wrong lane, ignoring right of way, wrong side of the road and it goes on endless.
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I've seen police taking their kids to no helmet of course.

Check these out.  From a while back