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Gas leak from overturned truck carrying LPG
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           Gas leak from overturned truck carrying LPG in Pathum Thani now under control

PATHUM THANI, Feb 5 - the cause of accident and the leakage will be investigated, said Somnuk Bumrungsalee, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Energy Business.

He said the truck carrying 15 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
is owned by the Hathairads Petroleum Co,.Ltd, a customer of PTT PCL.

It was delivering the gas from an oil depot in Ayutthaya’s Bang Pa-in to a refueling station at Klong 7 in Pathum Thani when it skidded off the road.

An emergency team of the PTT could contain the gas leak, which is normally controlled by a safety valve. The cause of the accident and how the safety valve was opened is under investigation.

Meanwhile, Sarun Rungkasiri, Senior Executive Vice President, Oil Business Unit, said that when the truck overturned and crashed, liquid poured out of the truck and smoke and fumes appeared.

A PTT emergency team and local police officers worked to control the leakage. He also apologized for traffic disruption.

Sarun said that normally PTT has strict measures and inspections regarding transportation. In the event of accidents, safety valves can open to release pressure in the gas container to prevent explosion.

However, in this case, an investigation will be conducted to find out why the safety value opened when the truck overturned.

The cause of accident will be also investigated, as to whether it was caused by slippery roads or reckless driving, to prevent such accidents in the future.

Traffic on the east outer ring road was forced to close and power was cut off in a radius of 500
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overturned truck carrying LPG (heres the video)
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VIDEO  Tanker accident allegedly caused by driver taking extreme turn
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.