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Festive season starts in Thailand
« on: December 25, 2011, 07:58:46 PM »
BANGKOK, Dec 25 - Thai people enjoyed the festive season on Sunday, Christmas Day, ahead of the long New Year holiday with a large number of crowds shopping for food and gifts as well as booking tickets to return to their homes upcountry.

All northbound trains were fully booked from Dec 27 through January 4, next year. Some residents in the northern province of Phichit were disappointed, as there are no reserved tickets left, and they may have to resort to third-class carriages if there are seats or space available.

In the northeastern Si Sa Ket province, the Thai-Cambodian border town turned lively as Cambodian people crossed over at Chong Sa-ngam border crossing to buy goods in preparation for New Year festivities amid temperatures dropping to below 10 degree Celsius.

Down in the South, Christmas and New Year celebrations are also in full swing. Some homestays on the resort island of Yo in Songkhla province have been fully packed with tourists since last Friday until after the New Year period.

Meanwhile, the ABAC Poll Happiness Center on Sunday revealed the well-being index of Thais in term of economic conditions, indicating it has improved, but remained lower than the benchmark of 100 points.

For the social aspect, the respondents well-being index was above average, at 175.4 points, as they saw an expression of loyalty to the monarchy.

The poll said the overall happiness index however found Thai people are "almost" happy with the scores at 98.3 points and that they wanted all parties to help maintain a good political situation and to prevent more conflicts which could disrupt the happiness of citizens.
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