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Don Mueang transfers planned
« on: November 09, 2013, 02:41:36 PM »
A new service that allows hassle-free transfers for passengers transiting through Don Mueang will soon be introduced as the airport plays up its status as Bangkok's second international air hub.

Check-in rows of Air Asia at Don Mueang airport.

The no-frills carrier AirAsia will herald the Fly-Thru service for its flights through Don Mueang on Dec 1, a move meant to generate more than 1 million transit passengers next year.

The service will allow passengers flying from one international destination to another via Don Mueang to bypass the immigration process in Bangkok, exempting them from visa requirements (if applicable) and passenger service charges (known as airport tax).

These passengers will have their baggage checked through Don Mueang until they reach their final destination, meaning they will not have to collect their bags at Don Mueang and check in again.

The transfer/check-through service is typical at major hub airports but uncommon at those dedicated to low-cost carriers, such as Don Mueang, which has largely served point-to-point flights over the past two years in which transfer service was absent.

The service is one result of a state policy change early last year that officially turned Don Mueang into Bangkok's second air hub, not just serving point-to-point domestic flights by budget carriers.

Don Mueang general manager Chaturongkapon Sodmanee on Thursday told the Bangkok Post the service is not exclusive to AirAsia, which operates the bulk of traffic through Don Mueang, and is available for all carriers seeking to enhance their connectivity through the airport.

Lion Air, Indonesia's biggest airline group, is expected to introduce the service next when its no-frills subsidiary, Thai Lion Air, starts up at Don Mueang next month with domestic and international flights.

The airport has prepared a space for transit passengers on the second floor of the arrivals area, with security checks, visa-on-arrival and immigration counters, said Mr Chaturongkapon.

He said with so much traffic into Indochina via Bangkok, there is much potential for Don Mueang to become a travel and transit hub to Indochina and other spots..

Santisuk Klongchaiya, the director of commercial flights at Thai AirAsia (TAA), said Don Mueang offers more convenience to AirAsia passengers, who can now easily transit to AirAsia's extensive network of 34 Fly-Thru routes via Bangkok.

The Fly-Thru service will benefit leisure travellers, business travellers and those living in other cities in Thailand, he said.

Leisure travellers include passengers from China to Thai beach destinations such as Krabi and Phuket, while business travellers may find the Yangon-Siem Reap or Yangon-Ho Chi Minh City route a convenient option.

From Thailand, residents of Krabi, Chiang Mai and Phuket can reach international destinations with ease.

"TAA's most popular route that people self-connect to is Macau-Phuket, followed by Guangzhou-Phuket and Chongqing-Phuket," Mr Santisuk said.

International passengers transiting to a domestic destination in Thailand (Chiang Mai, Phuket or Krabi) will be required to go through an immigration queue upon their arrival in Bangkok, which is their first port of entry into the country.

Meanwhile, any visa requirements and airport tax at the final destination still apply.

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