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Bicycle lanes - whats the point
« on: July 28, 2016, 12:33:22 PM »
Bicycle lanes

Can anyone see the point in Bicycle lanes, cars and motorcycles just park on them anyway, so the cyclist would be putting himself in danger having to go round them. As for Bangkok reports few people use them and budgets are running out. They have already spent  Fifty four million bht on there maintenance in the last two years.

A  committee is set to report to the BMA if they should be scrapped. A team went to Wong Wian Yai area of Thonburi to find out, they
waited an hour until they found someone on a bike brave enough to use the Bike lane. The BMA will decide on the future of the bike lanes.

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Re: Bicycle lanes - whats the point
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Save the paint. They see the highway as one gigantic road with no separation for traffic or anything. It's one big free-for-all. Divided highways, traffic lights, know...stuff like that, that is there for a reason is completely ignored. Also, what difference does it make when you have these idiot farm folks riding their cheap ass bicycles (the one with the small handle bars and small basket in the front) in the middle of the road like they're taking a walk in the park?

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