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All checkpoints ready for expected human exodus leaving the capital today

 As more than 200,000 people from Bangkok are expected to leave the capital today on public buses from Bangkok for home provinces to celebrate the five-day Songkran holidays beginning tomorrow, the Ministry of Interior yesterday launched the 7-Day Centre to Prevent and Reduce Road Accidents, aiming to provide better conveniences to the public and to help reduce accident and death rate from road accidents.

The centre went on operations from yesterday until April 17, with the theme ‘Safe Songkran, Promote Thai Tradition, and Create Traffic Discipline’, targeting to reduce road accidents during the Thai traditional New Year.

Interior minister Gen Anupong Paochinda stated that one checkpoint would be set up under the idea of ‘1 Community, 1 Village, and 1 Checkpoint’ in line with traffic zoning to increase safety.

At each checkpoint,  authorities are ordered to strictly follow the order given out by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) in arresting and confiscating driving licenses of those who Drive Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol.

Meanwhile the Transport Ministry also launched the ‘Safe Songkran, No Drink and Drive’ campaign in cooperation with the Transport Company, aiming to encourage passengers and bus drivers to be vigilant while traveling.

From April 8-10, the Transport Company said more than 470,000 passengers had travelled home on its buses.

It was expected that today the number of passengers leaving on buses at its Morchit bus terminal will rise to 200,000 from yesterday’s 160,000 people.

At the same time, the Ministry of Public Health yesterday placed its over 10,000 health offices and hospitals in the provinces to organise a full medical team in order to cater to emergencies as starting today the number of bus travellers will rise sharply.

They were ordered to increase the number of beds in preparations to provide services to the people during the Songkran travels.

Highway police expected the highway to the Northeast, the Friendship Highway or Mitraparb will be jam packed this afternoon as office and factory workers planned to travel home provinces today.

Yesterday traffic on this highway at Klang Dong, Pak Chong and Lamtakong ground to either a halt or snail trail.

The situation today was expected to be worsened as Highway police advised motorists to choose other route as option to Nakhon Ratchasima via Chaibadan district of Lopburi.
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