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Tourist driver lost patience, got fined
« on: August 14, 2013, 01:16:11 PM »
Driver fined in Chinese tourist dispute

SURIN ― A tourist van driver was fined by police after he evicted five Chinese passengers in Surin province, saying he was extremely upset and could no longer tolerate his clients’ “unacceptable behaviour”, police said.

Van driver Preecha Wangjoonklang (left) and interpreter Jia Chok Tai tell an officer at Prasat police station in Surin province about their nightmare trip with their Chinese tourist passengers. (Photo by Nopparat Kingkaew)

Preecha Wangjoonklang, employee of Best Amata Tour & Travel Co, evicted the Chinese tourists in tambon Ta Bao of Prasat district at about 1.30pm on Tuesday. Police were called to the scene and took the group to settle the problem at police station, Pol Lt Tassanon In-ngarm, an investigator at Prasat district police station said.

Mr Preecha told police he left Bangkok on Monday evening with the five passengers and Chinese-speaking Cambodian interpreter Jia Chok Tai. He was asked to drive the group to Si Sa Ket and Surin provinces.

The driver alleged that the passengers were very difficult to deal with because they wanted him to drive non-stop, refused to follow his travel plan and forced him to unnecessarily drive back and forth between Si Sa Ket and Surin.

He and Mr Jia suggested they tour Si Sa Ket first and then go to Surin before heading back to Bangkok, but they did not listen.

Mr Jia said the Chinese complained a lot and wanted him to take them to dine at luxury restaurants, but he could not find any that satisfied them. He said he was so fed up that he no longer wanted to be their interpreter, Pol Lt Tassanon said.     

Mr Preecha also said the Chinese asked to smoke in his van. When he refused their request one of them slapped his head. Feeling angry, he laid his hand on a fruit knife. The passengers then accused him of trying to attack them.

At this point, he stopped the van and asked them all to get out, Mr Preecha said.

The driver was charged with threatening to assault others and evicting passenges and was fined.

Mr Preecha said he admitted his offences and was willing to pay the fine because he had had enough of his passengers’ behaviour. 

According to reports, the tourists decided to cancel their trip to the Northeast while police were questioning the driver and the interpreter, and asked Mr Preecha to take them to Pattaya instead.

Mr Preecha initially refused, saying he was concerned for his safety. A long negotiation followed. He later agreed to drive them to Pattaya, after his boss ordered him to.

Bangkok Post

If he refused to drive them non-stop, caring for their safety, he should not have gotten fined! The gesture of laying his hand on a knife, showing he would defend himself, if slapped again, is hardly an attack. Thailand should also care for decent behavior of the tourists.
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