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Tourist Police Dress Up As Santa Claus
« on: December 25, 2013, 04:16:20 PM »
Tourist police dress up as Santa Claus in a public relations exercise to show tourists that they care about them and are here to help them if they every need assistance.

They also handed out Santa Claus socks which contained tourist police contact information.

BANGKOK – December 24 ,2013 [PDN]; in front of the Amarin Plaza shopping center Pol.Maj.Gen. Abhichai Thi-amart, supreme commander of tourist police, Pol.Lt.Col. Bowornpop Suntornrekha, detective inspector of tourist police, department 1, with the President of Rajaprasong entrepreneur association, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and public networks, promoted and facilitated to the foreign tourists Christmas festival , from 24-25 of December.

Pol.Maj.Gen.Abhichai said that they had selected the The Amarin Plaza shopping centre because it was always filled with tourists. They dressed up as Santa Claus to show tourists that they cared and wanted to make travellers feel safe when they are in Thailand. They distributed Santa Claus socks to the tourists which contained a publicity promote, 1155, warning cards, because foreign tourists who were passengers of cars, or tour coaches, often, got robbed or had problems.

The police also have a channel of communication and publishing the information to the general public by the cooperation of the Department of Tourism that recognised the importance and benefits of “Tourist Buddy Application” on your smart phone. From interviewing a tourist from Qatar, about Thai security measures, he said that he believed that the standard of protection and help which the tourist police provide is done very well and he comes to Thailand every 2 years, and he will celebrate the new year in Thailand.


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