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Sammitr Smart Drive car to serve as high tech vehicle for tourists

 A private sector company has joined with public sector agencies to improve transport vehicles for tourists with an eye to pilot a new project in Bangkok within this year.

Sammitr Group has joined with Thailand Research Fund, the National Science Technology and Innovation Office and the Tourism Authority of Thailand to create the “Sammitr Smart Drive” car, an automobile developed specifically for tourism purposes.

The vehicle is equipped with cutting edge technology as well as a high speed Internet connection that allows its riders to search for tourist destinations, hotels and eateries. Moreover, the car has sensors to detect if its driver is drowsy and can connect to other smart phone applications to extend its capabilities. It is expected the new car will be available in Bangkok this year.

Sammitr CEO Sumas Wongsunprat stated he believes the new tourist car will create a new form of tourism and triple Thailand’s foreign visitor numbers. He said in the future, the Sammitr Smart Drive’s technology may also be installed in taxi cabs, police cars and other types of transport vehicles.

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"Triple Thailand's foreign visitors numbers"?? Not sure how that will happen.
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Hope would have been a better word - more big words here

Tourism Ministry hopes tourism revenue will reach 2.4 trillion baht this year


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Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.