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‘Pray for Anna’
« on: June 22, 2015, 08:55:42 PM »
‘Pray for Anna’

I've heard this 3 minute commercial is to promote Thailand, i must admit This commercial is different from others that I have seen, although there is no credit in the video, I guess this commercial is from TAT.

A beautiful young woman who becomes paralyzed after visiting Thailand. The video warns you about the dangers of eating too much Thai food. There are so many other ways to promote the country Personally i do not like it. It's weird don't you think.

'Pray for Anna' in Thailand - เตือนสติให้ฝรั่งที่มาเมืองไทยต้องระวัง
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Re: ‘Pray for Anna’
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Very weird,I would think that there are many far better ways to promote Thai food.


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Re: ‘Pray for Anna’
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very odd ending her laying on the bed with her mouth open asking for a sausage :o