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Some interesting and truthful comments-statistics from on tourism which is one of Thailands leading industries
Here's a  few of the most vital statistics

1. 12.4 Million Visitors Between January and May 2015

The Songkran festival was held during this time, and people like to escape their colder homelands. Tourism last year jumped 25% between January and May compared to the same period in in 2014.

2. Tourism Generated 2.2 Trillion Baht

Projections for 2015 point to tourism generating 2.2 trillion baht in revenue for the year, with 1.4 trillion coming from international tourism. The country is trying to promote domestic tourism and is offering incentives for those that spend domestically during Songkran 2016.

3. Tourism is on the Rise

Last year’s data points to a major boom in Thailand’s tourism industry. Projections of 32 million tourists in 2016 may have been overstated as fewer Chinese tourists are flocking to the country. China accounts for the largest number of tourists to the Kingdom every year, but the country’s economy is struggling.

While tourism arrivals may not hit 32 million, it’s safe to say that it will remain at 2015 levels as a conservative forecast.

4. Tourists Normally Return

A good statistic for Thailand is that 60% to 70% of tourists that visit the country return.  This means that the country’s tourism industry is working exceptionally well to please their guests and keep them returning.

Being a lower-priced destination, even with economic uncertainty in the surrounding regions, it’s likely that Thailand’s tourism industry will still do fairly well in 2016.

5. Tourism is Highly Regarded

Major industries are always well protected by countries. Being a driving force behind the kingdom’s GDP, tourism is highly regulated and controlled. Recent protests from tour operators showed that Thailand’s natives take the industry very seriously.

Under Thai law, tour operators must be of Thai descent to be a tour operator.

Chinese operators have popped up in the region and offer lower prices than Thailand’s natives while speaking Chinese better. Protesters are calling for these tour operators to be removed and assert that they have the resources and personnel to deal with the major Chinese presence in the country.

6. Tourism is Dangerous

Tourism may be a bright spot in Thailand’s economy, but it is a dangerous industry. While people flock to Thailand to have fun, many do not practice safe driving and end up dead or hospitalized as a result.

There were 3,373 accidents, 3,559 injuries and 364 deaths that occurred just during the Songkran holiday period.

Thailand has initiated safe driving campaigns to improve this statistic, but one thing is for sure: tourists need to find a safe means of transportation when in Thailand. With ample taxi services and walkable cities, this shouldn’t be a hard statistic to change.
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