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Phuket: Drunken Russia tourists learn Bangkok lesson in manners

BANGKOK: A tale has emerged from Suvarnabhumi Airport of how police had to be called to control two very drunk and over-boisterous Russian passengers last week, after the duo held up the departure of their charter flight.

The aircraft was not damaged by the Russians’ wee protest. Photo Sergey Kustov

Tourists Alexander Aznabayev and Renat Nureyev were due to fly on September 11 from Bangkok to Ufa in Siberia by NordWind, which is affiliated with tour operator Pegas Touristik.

But, a source who asked not to be named told The Phuket News, they were aggressive and foul-mouthed and refused to stop smoking on the tarmac in front of the aircraft.

According to an official report, one of the Russians decided to show his opinion of the airline by attempting to urinate on the aircraft.

Unfortunately, he forgot to unbutton his shorts first.

The airliner “was not damaged” by this stunt, the report said straight-faced, though the same could not be said about the Russian’s shorts.

With the duo continuing to refuse to behave, airport staff and flight crew eventually had no choice but to call the police who, without a great deal of difficulty, carted them off to a place where they could rest for a while and reconsider their behaviour – while their flight left without them.


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Is it correct that Thailand and Russia have an agreement that their respective nationals can visit or live in the other country without a visa?