Author Topic: Phuket Police Boosted: Told to Set High Standards, Protect Tourists  (Read 381 times)

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Phuket Police Boosted: 97 Reinforcements Told to Set High Standards, Protect Tourists

PHUKET: Ninety-seven new police arrived on Phuket yesterday to greet the start of the tourism high season on the holiday island.

Phuket's new Commander of Police, Major General Ong-Art Phiwruangnont, told them: ''Improve your behavior. Be polite. Don't use your uniform to seek benefit for your wallet.''

The new recruits will be distributed among all of Phuket's 10 police stations. Hundreds more will follow as the Region 8 Police Headquarters are transferred to Phuket.

It's the first increase in years as Thailand's Government and senior police recognise the need to better protect tourists in Thailand.

All Phuket's police station superintendents were at Phuket Police headquarters yesterday to meet the reinforcements.

''Don't behave like the mafia,'' Major General Ong-Art told them. ''Phuket is a tourist place. Even if you carry a weapon, you must always consider the safety of others.''

He urged the new arrivals to ''be careful in your personal life.'' ''Do not take drugs, do not drink alcohol before going on duty or while on duty, do not gamble.''

The arrival of almost 100 additional police to boost Phuket's total number to about 1200 officers is the latest sign that Phuket's issues are finally all being addressed.

What Phuket still needs are more policewomen to deal with cases or rape and sexual assault.


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Re: Phuket Police Boosted: Told to Set High Standards, Protect Tourists
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Top cop warns new officers over bribes, extortion

'Behave yourselves to earn the respect of the public,' Maj Gen Ong-art told the new recruits at their orientation. Photo: Kritsada Mueanhawong

PHUKET: Phuket’s new top cop warned the island’s police reinforcements that swift disciplinary action will be taken and criminal charges will be levied against them if they go crooked.

“The most important thing is to not use your career to benefit your own pocket,” Phuket Provincial Police Commander Ong-art Phiwruangnont told the 97 recruits, all recent graduates of the police academy.

“If you accept bribes or extort people, or do anything else illegal for financial gain, you will face not only disciplinary, but also criminal charges,” Maj Gen Ong-art said.

The recruits are the first wave of 700 new officers expected on the island (story here).

The current force of about 1,100 officers is widely agreed to be insufficient to deal with the island’s population, which is officially 320,000. However, in reality, police are charged to protect closer to a million people.

Maj Gen Ong-art exhorted the new graduates to follow Royal Thai Police regulations and to follow his own policy to make Phuket free of mafia.

“You must all behave yourselves in order to make people respect and trust you,” he said. “Avoid every vice, including drugs and gambling.”

“Make Phuket a safe place for tourists,” he concluded.

The new recruits are in process of being assigned to their respective stations.


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