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British woman, 21, whose ‘drinks were spiked in Thailand’ survives 30ft fall from hotel balcony

A female British holidaymaker has cheated death after falling 30ft from a hotel balcony in Thailand.

Friends claim pretty Romany Mitchell had her drinks spiked in a local bar before the accident on the island of Phuket.

Romany, 21, had returned to her five-star hotel alone, disorientated and crying and fell from the third storey at 3am.

She escaped with a badly injured ankle and is now undergoing physiotherapy in a local hospital.

A member of staff at the hotel said: “It was her first night at the hotel and she had been out with friends but she came back in a taxi alone. She was upset and crying.

“She was helped her to her room and about 30 or 40 minutes later there was a lot of noise outside, with lots of people gathered round her.

“It looks like she had fallen from the balcony.  Many people were trying to help her.

“Her foot was injured and she had other injuries but she was very lucky, it could have been very much worse.”

The accident last Tuesday came as Romany took a gap year after graduating from Edinburgh Napier University.

She was rushed to a local hospital in Patong but later transferred to the larger Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket.

Doctors there reportedly hailed her as “the miracle” for surviving the plunge from her second-floor room.

A female travel companion was with her and it is understood she will be flown home later this week and transferred to hospital there.

Foreign Office officials yesterday renewed warnings to Brits travelling to Thailand after this latest in a series of balcony falls.

In January, Lee Charie, 32, flew back to Britain with a section of his skull in his hand luggage after surviving a 22-foot fall on his head.

He smashed the left side of his skull when he fell from the balcony on the island of Koh Tao in December last year.

The extra from The Only Way is Essex spent weeks in hospital before flying back to the UK for reconstructive surgery.

It is still unknown whether he slipped off the hotel balcony or was pushed.

There are now calls for warnings to be put up at the airport for tourists arriving to be made aware of the high incidence of balcony falls.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “Our message to everyone is to behave responsibly when they are staying somewhere that has a balcony.

“Most incidents involve young people between the ages of 18 and 35 and whilst not always the case, alcohol often plays a part.”
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Re: British tourist alleges attacker in hotel room before balcony fall
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PHUKET: Police are waiting for the results of a toxicology report for British tourist Romany Mitchell after she told them her drink in Phuket was spiked.

British tourist Romany Mitchell, 21, told police she was fleeing an attacker in her hotel room when she fell from the balcony. Photo: Thawit Bilabdullar

The tests were ordered after the 21-year-old student from Edinburgh reported to police that she was fleeing an assailant in her hotel room before she plunged from the second-floor balcony of the building on Nanai Road, Patong, early on November 11.

Ms Mitchell is recovering at Bangkok Hospital Phuket from an ankle and hip injury sustained in the fall. She was taken immediately to Patong Hospital, but transferred to Bangkok Hospital Phuket the next day.

“She is now in good condition. The doctor will check on her again before releasing her,” Capt Nattaya Suwanpong of the Patong Police told the Phuket Gazette yesterday.

Hospital staff have confirmed that Ms Mitchell was discharged from hospital care last night.

"She left at about 8pm. Although she was still wearing splints on her right arm and her right leg, she could move by herself with a crutch," a nurse told the Gazette.

Capt Nattaya yesterday questioned Ms Mitchell further about the incident.

“She told us that she only drank two glasses of alcohol. She went on to explain that a few minutes after having the drinks, she felt like she could not control herself, so she tried to find her way back to the hotel,” Capt Nattaya said.

“From that point, she didn’t, and doesn't, remember anything until she realized that she was in her room and that someone was attempting to assault her,” he said.

In an attempt to escape, she ran to the balcony and fell, explained Capt Nattaya.

Police are waiting for results of a blood alcohol concentration test, as well as the toxicology report.

Hotel staff told police that Ms Mitchell and a female companion had left the hotel at about 10pm to have a drink at the Tiger Live Band bar complex on Soi Bangla (map here).

“The staff reported Ms Mitchell coming back alone at about 3am. They said she wasn’t walking straight, so a female employee helped her to her room and then left her there to rest alone,” Capt Nattaya said.

About 40 minutes later, they heard commotion. Outside, they found Ms Mitchell on the ground.

Police have started examining CCTV footage that could offer clues to what happened just before her plunge.

“CCTV footage from Soi Bangla shows Ms Mitchell exiting the bar alone, and hotel footage captured Ms Mitchell entering the hotel alone,” Capt Nattaya said.

Nonetheless, police are searching for other CCTV footage in for leads.

“We are also questioning more witnesses,” Capt Nattaya added.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.