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Bangkok one of the cheapest places for hotel dining
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Bangkok one of the cheapest places for hotel dining

Bangkok ranks among the world’s best for affordable common hotel dining options, while Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong are the priciest.

In a survey by that checked prices for a club sandwich, a burger meal, a cup of coffee and a glass of house wine, hotels in Bangkok came in 24th out of 28th major tourist destinations.

The online booking website found it costs an aggregate of 1,332.10 baht to buy the four items in Bangkok, compared to 2,921.99 baht in Geneva, 2,446.84 baht in Paris and 2,404.05 baht in Hong Kong.

The price average is calculated from real prices paid by guests for all four items in 30 hotels in the capital or important tourist city of the 28 countries surveyed, across 5, 4 and 3-star hotel categories. 

The prices were based on the exchange rate as of May 29, at 33.69 baht to the US dollar.

Surprisingly, Madrid is more affordable than Bangkok when it comes to the four dining options, at 1,305.14 baht.

Bogota in Colombia offers the most value for money, with the four benchmark items priced at 1,013.31 baht, followed by Mexico City at 1,083.06 baht and 1,152.15 baht in Rio de Janeiro.

Bangkok is the cheapest destination for a cup of coffee in Asia at 147.93 baht, as South Korea emerges as the most expensive place to get a caffeine fix, 327.54 baht. Bogota is the cheapest at 52.90 baht.

Geneva emerged as the dearest destination for a burger, fries and soda meal, with guests paying an average of 1,273.80 baht, more than triple the price for a meal in the cheapest destination, Bogota (396.29 baht).

This was followed closely by Oslo with an average of 1,050.71 baht for a burger meal deal.

A club sandwich in Geneva costs a whopping 1,030.83 baht, compared to 367.31 baht in Bangkok which is lower than 403.70 baht.

New Delhi (379.10 baht) lost its title as the cheapest destination for a club sandwich, with the claim to fame now going to Mexico City at 329.23 baht.

A glass of house red wine in a 5-star hotel in Paris costs more than a club sandwich in 19 other cities, including New York City, Dublin, Sydney and Berlin.

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