Author Topic: Airport guard under fire for assault attempt on tourist (video)  (Read 1004 times)

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Airport guard under fire for assault attempt on tourist

A security guard at Don Mueang airport has come under fire after a video clip showing him trying to hit a Chinese tourist in the face at the airport went viral.

The incident, recorded by another Chinese tourist, happened inside the airport on Thursday. It was later posted on Facebook and drew criticism against the attacker.

The clip showed the guard and the Chinese man quarrelling before the guard shoved him and raised a hand, looking like he was about to punch him in the face. The Chinese man dodged in time before another security officer intervened. 

Thai media reported that the incident happened after the tourist was denied entry at the airport. He reportedly could not show a return ticket or proof of a place to stay and the amount of money he planned to use during his stay in the country. The quarrel was not caused by the tourist's refusal to give the guard a tip as claimed by him, Thai media reported.

Don Meuang international airport general manager Suteerawat Suwnnawat on Saturday expressed regret over the incident and apologised to the Chinese tourist for the guard’s action.

He said he had ordered the suspension from duty of the guard pending a serious disciplinary investigation. The guard is likely to be sacked for the serious disciplinary violation, said Gp Capt Sutheerawat during a media conference on Saturday afternoon.

The incident took place after the tourist failed to pass immigration and was then taken to a detention room, but he refused to stay and left. He met the guard outside and they quarrelled, said the airport general manager, who blamed miscommunication between the tourist and the guard as the cause of the rift.

Gp Capt Sutheerawat said the airport would send an official letter explaining the incident and a formal apology to the Chinese embassy.

Media reported later that Airports of Thailand has suspended Gp Capt Sutheerawat from work for 30 days.