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8.3m tourists hit Pattaya in 2012
« on: August 16, 2013, 02:39:08 PM »
Pattaya is continuing to attract large numbers of tourists, with about 8.3 million visitors last year - and the figure is expected to grow by 10% in 2013.

A general view shows the beach town of Pattaya in January 2011, nearly 150 km (90 miles) east of Bangkok. (REUTERS Photo)

Auttaphol Wannakij, director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand's (TAT) Pattaya office, said at a seminar on Thursday that the Pattaya area attracts the bulk of  tourists, both foreign and local, to Chon Buri province, with numbers growing even during the low season.

The average occupancy rate of hotel rooms in Pattaya this month is 70-90%, compared with only 40-50% several years go.

TAT was projecting a minimum growth of 10% this year. He did not break down the numbers of Thai and foreign tourists to Pattaya.

Russia continues to supply the largest group of visitors to Pattaya, followed by China, Germany and South Korea.

He said Chon Buri province as a whole, which comprises 10 districts and Pattaya city, had an estimated 11.1 million tourists in 2012 -- 6.7 million foreigners and 4.4 million Thais. It was estimated that foreign tourists to the province generated revenue of 101.8 billion baht.

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