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You can still get a meal for just 10 bht
« on: May 16, 2017, 03:30:27 PM »
Amazing you can still get a meal for 10 bht. at a roadside food stall in tambon Pak Nam Pho of Muang district.
rice served with one side dish 10 bht, the price has remained the same for over 10 yrs, BUT ... if you want an extra side dish it'll cost you another 5 bht. WOW!  They say it's  tasty, clean and cheap food.

Customers choose their preferred side dish at Baan Khao Kaeng Jae Noi on Monday morning. (Photo by Chalit Phumruang)

B10 'khao kaeng' popular breakfast in Nakhon Sawan

A 10-baht coin is insufficient to buy a meal almost everywhere in Thailand, but not at a roadside food stall in tambon Pak Nam Pho of Muang district.

Baan Khao Kaeng Jae Noi has kept the price of khao kaeng (rice served with one side dish) at 10 baht for over a decade to help customers make ends meet, particularly low-income earners.

The shop is part of the owner’s house. Tables are set out where customers can sit and eat their fill, while others prefer to order food to take home. If someone wants an additional side dish, it costs 5 baht more.

Owner Chanyaras Khamjamroon, 48, said she has sold the dish at this price ever since her business opened. She applies a self-sufficiency style of doing business, even though the cost of ingredients might increase at some periods during the year.

“I want to help low-income earners have good, low-priced meals. Although my profit is small, the shop has survived. So I will continue to sell it at this price, and ensure that my khao kaeng really gives value for money,” said Ms Chanyaras.

Her many customers echo their praise for the shop with its tasty, clean and cheap food, and its many choices of side dishes. Without exception they vow to continue having breakfast at Baan Khao Kaeng Jae Noi, which stays opens until 10am.

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