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Turnabout foreplay ♦ Ladies take lead
« on: December 30, 2012, 12:14:59 PM »
Turnabout is foreplay: Ladies take lead in shifting adult market

From seeking out gigolos and six-pack parties to sex toys and host lounges geared for women, the gentler sex have become bolder in getting a piece of the action in a city infamous for its male-oriented sex industry

A young Thai woman far outside her comfort zone wanders the red-neon-bathed back alleys of Mong Kok in Hong Kong, trepidatiously trying to look through the darkened windows of sex shops and following the signs up rickety stairs, on the hunt for a very specific souvenir.

A posh new Bangkok club offers a "six-pack party", with minimally clad male models showing off ripped abdominals. What had been expected to draw a trendy mixed crowd became, as an organiser described it, a mob of aggressively amorous females and a testy security situation.

Off of Surawong Road, a female Japanese expat goes to watch boy-a-gogo shows where well endowed young men from northeastern provinces perform hard-core acrobatic sex acts. Afterward she calls one of them over and, for an agreed upon 2,000 baht, takes him home.

At a ladies' lounge on Ratchadaphisek Road, fair-skinned men hired for their culture, humour and manners entertain well heeled female professionals, hoping to find the "sugarmama" who will pay for their university studies or new car. Several such clubs have opened around the capital in the past few years, some with over 100 hosts at a given time ready to tend to the needs of female customers.

Such scenes speak to a collective trend of a female population more aware of how they want to be gratified and braver in seeking it out. In a city where sex is ubiquitous and extroverted, with entire districts catering to men on the prowl, women who have suffered philandering husbands and lovers - as well as divorcees or those largely bypassed in the dating game - are increasingly bold in getting their own.

LADIES’ CHOICE: Women crowd male entertainers at a ‘six-pack’ party at a trendy club that became very lively, to say the least—part of a new vogue in Bangkok of entertainment aimed at women.


Levels is a trendy new sixth-storey nightclub on the glitzy club strip of Sukhumvit Soi 11. From a quiet beginning earlier this year, it is now very popular on weekends and event nights. One such night was a "six-pack" party last Friday, with minimally dressed male models showing off their muscles. It was the successor to the first such event two months ago, back by popular demand.

Events manager Chutima Ongsanthia told Spectrum it wasn't a surprise that the first party was successful, but the way it unfolded was something she'd never experienced before.

"The women were really aggressive. But that goes to show how women have been overlooked for so long."

There were some physical fights between women competing to lavish attention on certain models, she said, and arguments between ladies and their jealous boyfriends.

There was also some mild harassment of the models and sexual propositioning.

''The women were difficult to handle even for our security team,'' she said. ''They were completely outnumbered.''

Some party-goers had expected a large gay male contingent to show up, but turnout was over 70% female, a mixture of locals and expats, said Ms Chutima.

She said she expects the trend to continue and that there will be more events at Levels and around the city catering to girls' nights out. Rival clubs are already looking into similarly themed nights.

''In the Bangkok scene,'' said Ms Chutima, ''there is a lot of entertainment for men and not enough for women. There is a new kind of woman in Bangkok _ a young, professional and dynamic crowd not interested in Bangkok's 'traditional' nightlife. It is a breath of fresh air when the tables are turned.''


the past few years the number of ''host bars'', or clubs aimed at heterosexual female clientele, has risen exponentially in Bangkok. Some, especially those whose hosts can be ''bar fined'' (solicited for prostitution), keep a very low profile, to the point of not even having a name, website or publicising their location. Some are free to enter with pricey drinks, while others charge covers of about 1,000 baht for non-members. Many of these establishments refuse to admit men, while others make exceptions for men in the company of women as well as for gay men _ although the latter are generally discouraged. The dozens of host bars around Bangkok catering to gay men would be a better fit.

The female-only clubs are largely a new phenomenon. Most are off of Asok-Montri or Ratchadaphisek roads. One is on the top floor opposite the Grammy Building on Asok. Another one nearby is called House. There is also the well known 18 Plus 1 in the Sermmit Tower (, which boasts over ''100 men ready to take care of you _ handsome, warm, courteous and friendly''.

On Ratchadaphisek Soi 3 is a restaurant cum host bar called Nice Club House, while on Soi 13 there's the Mon Lady Club. Near Sutthisan MRT is a large new club called Sha Sha Club (, where only women are allowed. It targets middle-class to higher end professionals and housewives and promises to ''deliver a night of fun for you ladies'' with ''handsome slim guys with warmth, humour and fun who know how to flatter the ladies''.

DARE TO WEAR: Owner Suthida Tanphiphat shows off an item at The Hidden Closet, an erotic boutique on Ratchadaphisek Road in business to help couples spice up their love lives.
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Re: Turnabout foreplay ♦ Ladies take lead ♦ Soi Twilight
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2012, 12:26:28 PM »

BAD VIBRATIONS: An officer shows off substandard sex toys for women at a campaign against exaggerated health-product advertisements, organised by the Food and Drug Administration.

Soi Twilight is one of the city's few options for female sex tourists. Known more formally as Soi Pratuchai, it lies off of Surawong Road and is filled with aggressive touts trying to get you into the boy-a-gogo bars that line the lane.

Considered low class by Thais, it is a popular strip with gay Western males and Asian females, especially Japanese, who can usually be spotted taking in the nightly acrobatic, explicit sex shows. After the shows, the dancers sometimes walk around in speedos, or semi-erect wearing nothing but a condom, hoping someone will buy them a drink. While the majority of customers are gay, the majority of ''go-go boys'' _ most of whom come from the Northeast, especially the Khmer-speaking communities of Si Sa Ket, Surin and Buri Ram provinces _ are bisexual or even straight. As long as the customer pays (prices start at 1,500 baht for short-time sex, plus 500 baht bar fine to the club), most are willing to entertain either gender. If fact, many prefer women, who they say are kinder.

One worker who called himself Joe, a short and thin but strong-looking Thai man, said he's been working at one of the more popular clubs for nearly a year. The best customers, he said, are Asian businessmen, such as those from Taiwan or Hong Kong, because they're the most likely to want a long-term arrangement and give him an allowance until they're back in Bangkok. More common are older Western males, but they usually pay less and demand more, he said, while Thai men just look down on him. Joe said physical abuse by male customers is not uncommon.

''Women are nicest,'' he said. ''And some of them are very beautiful. I don't know why they come here.''

Although one female Japanese ''bar-fined'' a boy and left before we could speak to her, another Japanese expat, 27, who works in telemarketing, explained to us the attraction of these venues. When she has a friend visiting from Japan, she said, she can take her to a sex show at Soi Twilight, and it will be the experience of her trip. ''Tokyo might have places like this, but we'd never be able to afford them. Here it's like something from a naughty movie. It's crazy.''

Has she or would she ever pay a man for sex?

She shook her head, then paused to reconsider. ''Well, I don't have a boyfriend ... Maybe,'' she said.

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Re: Turnabout foreplay ♦ Ladies take lead ♦ patty and the vibrator
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2013, 02:33:15 PM »
Sex toys are illegal in Thailand.

PLAYTIME POSTPONED: Sex toys worth more than 100 million baht are displayed at Department of Special Investigation offices after raids in the Yaowarat area in July.

Sex toys are illegal in Thailand. Under Section 287 of the Criminal Code, distributors, producers, exhibitors or advertisers of ''obscene materials'' face combinations of fines of up to 6,000 baht and jail terms of up to three years.

What qualifies as obscene is a grey area and the definition is enforced strictly or loosely depending on the political and social climate. A small number of ''erotic boutiques'' have opened in the past two or three years, such as Hidden Closet at the Mansion 7 mall on Ratchadaphisek Road, catering mainly to women trying to spice up their sex life. Novelty condoms, edible underwear and furry handcuffs are on sale, but vibrators and such are notably absent.

Hard-core sex toys can be seen sold at street stalls along Sukhumvit or Silom Roads, in Chinatown and even in some shopping centres and night markets, and if you ask around you can find them easily enough. But they are sold, much like pirated Rolexes, in contravention of the law.

The quality of such contraband is often suspect, and many women prefer to purchase while abroad. In countries where they are sold openly and legally, young Thai women on an international work trip occasionally hope to return with a certain souvenir.

Patty, not her real name, 28, bought a vibrator at the request of a friend during a recent business trip to Hong Kong. On the final day of the conference she ventured into the back alleys of Kowloon and saw ''Adult Toys'' written on a window, and climbed the steps to enter a shop brimming with cosplay outfits, hard-core toys, condoms, lubricants and sexual miscellaneous. She'd never seen any of it before, and there were many items whose function she couldn't imagine.

''What do you recommend?'' she whispered to the only female clerk.

''That depends what you like and what you want to do.'' She made a quick but expensive call to her friend in Thailand and then settled on a certain silicon vibrator that looked fairly solid and of good quality.

''Care to try it out first?'' asked the clerk, as Patty blushed. ''I mean, shall I put the batteries in so you can take a look at how it works?''

''That won't be necessary,'' Patty said hurriedly, paying HK$360 (1,420 baht) for the item. The next morning at the airport she had no checked luggage, so the vibrator was found as it passed through the X-ray machine.

''Is this going to be a security risk?'' asked the official. To her relief he didn't take it out of the bag in front of the other passengers.

''No, sir.''

Thai customs was the more serious side, since if the souvenir was found it would be confiscated at the very least, and might involve a large fine. But she passed through without an inspection, and two days later could deliver it to her friend. The verdict, when Patty later asked, was favourable.

''The best present I've ever received,'' said her friend with a grin.
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Re: Turnabout foreplay ♦ I'LL HAVE HIM TO GO
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2013, 12:34:57 PM »

As a destination for female sex tourists, Bangkok is low-key and the scene is confined mainly to Silom and Surawong roads. The majority of the patrons of high-end host bars or escort services are Thai or expat professionals, well-heeled housewives or female sex workers on off hours trying to turn the tables for a change.

Expats living throughout the region provided some insight into the scenes in their areas.

In Phuket, a small lane north of Soi Bangla caters largely to female Japanese tourists, and sex is on offer, with women able to choose among Nigerians, Thais and Westerners. In Thai beach destinations such as Koh Samui and Koh Phangnga, it is not uncommon for Thai beach boys, tour guides and "rent boys" to have sexual relations with female Western backpackers in exchange for gifts or actual cash. Other destinations in the region are far better known in this regard.

Bali, especially the beach town of Kuta, is a larger, more organised centre for female sex tourism, with many Australian women travelling alone for that reason.

In Sihanoukville, Cambodia, there is a small gigolo scene for female Western backpackers serviced by local motorcycle taxi drivers.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Nigerian expats are known to charge US$25 (766 baht) an hour to service mainly older Vietnamese housewives or divorcees in their forties. Around two dozen provide the service out of shared houses in Tan Binh district. Other areas such as Nguyen Kim Park and adjacent Nguyen Binh Kim Street see women and gay men pick up Vietnamese men for $25 to $50.

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Re: Turnabout foreplay ♦ your holiday romance awaits ♦ video
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2013, 05:16:12 PM »
Kiss me again, Ketut.

2012's Paradise: Love, above, split audiences between vehement disgust and fervent praise.

Rhonda, the fictional Australian of AAMI car insurance fame, has brightened up our TV ads with her Bali holiday flirtations. Portrayed as an innocent abroad, she would no doubt be surprised to learn that global female sex tourism - or romance travel - is on the rise.

Cowboys in Paradise Trailer

Women - especially wealthy, single, older women - plan their holidays to have romance and sex with a companion who knows how to make them feel special and give them attention.

While men often choose Asia for their sex tourism trips, the hotspots for women are Southern Europe, the Caribbean (led by Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic), Gambia, Kenya and Senegal and, more locally, Bali and Phuket.

Female sex holidays are not a new phenomenon. In recent years the industry has grown in popularity, although the subject is still very much taboo and has provoked ongoing debate between filmmakers, writers and researchers. Due to its secrecy, there are no reliable figures showing how many women have taken part in sex tourism since the 1980s, but according to Reuters, approximately 80,000 North American and European romance-seeking women travel to Jamaica every year.

One of the first mainstream movies that tackled the topic was made in 2005, the French film Heading South, starring Charlotte Rampling, which focuses on a group of middle aged American and European women who visit Haiti in the late 1970s. They lavish the impoverished local boys, some of them still teenagers, with money and gifts and the boys are very eager to provide them with sex.

Another movie, a documentary shot by Singaporean writer and director, Amit Virmani, was about the most well-known open secret of Bali – the ‘Kuta Cowboys’. He came up with the idea of making Cowboys in Paradise after meeting a 12-year old boy in Bali who confessed an eagerness “to grow up and be of sexual service to Japanese women”.

These men and boys are the controversial beach ambassadors who made Bali one of the leading destinations for female sex tourists, landing the director with death threats from disgruntled locals. When the trailer went viral on YouTube after the film’s release in April 2010, the Bali police arrested 28 'cowboys', but they were subsequently released.

The film touches upon occasional unsafe sex practices and concerns are raised about sexual transmitted infections - though there is no mention of the locals receiving any sexual education or having regular STI screenings.

Rent-a-Rasta, by J. Michael Seyfert, follows the lives of Jamaican men who offer their 'services' to foreign women in exchange for money, gifts or sometimes the promise of a better future abroad.

The latest film, Paradise: Love is directed by Austrian director Ulrich Seidl and competed at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. The film is a confrontational, often ugly depiction of different forms of desperation and exploitation set against a sex tourism backdrop at the beachfront of Kenya, splitting audiences between vehement disgust and fervent praise.

I became interested in the topic when I saw a 42-year-old client in my practice, who split up with her husband some years ago. She loves archaeology and last year went on a holiday to Jordan to see Petra. She is quite well-off and she hired a private tour guide, who showed her around. They got on really well - he was 28 and told her he was writing his PhD and was a guide to support himself through his studies.

My client is still very attractive and believed him when he told her that she is beautiful and he loved older women. He was intelligent, good looking, gave her attention, compliments and affection. She had been single for a while and when they ended up having sex, some days later, she could not believe her luck. She had completely fallen in love with him - and she believed he felt the same about her.

When the holiday finished he told her he would save up money to visit her in Australia, but he first had to finish his thesis. She was so love-struck that she offered to send him money every month so he could give up his job and study full time. As a farewell present she bought him a brand new laptop so they could Skype to stay in touch.

They did keep in touch, and she sent him money. He then asked her if she would pay for a plane ticket for him to come to Sydney to visit her and look for a job in Australia, because he missed her so much.

When my client told me the story she admitted that at the time she really believed him, but now felt so stupid. After transferring $5,000, she never heard from him again. She was so embarrassed that she did not tell any of her friends and she really came to see me to debrief.

She’s not the first woman who has been conned and she won’t be the last.

Perhaps if the female sex tourism industry received more publicity and scrutiny, it would be safer for everyone?
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Re: Turnabout foreplay ♦ Rent-A-Rasta ♦ video
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2013, 01:47:39 PM »
Three flights are due into Montego Bay, one from Toronto, one from Fort Lauderdale, the other from London.

When white women flock to Jamaica for a little fun in the sun, the R&R they're often looking for is not "Rest and Relaxation" but to "Rent a Rasta" according to director J. Michael Seyfert. His eye-opening expose' of the same name sheds light on a barely acknowledged form of sex tourism, namely, white women who visit the Caribbean Islands to get their groove back with the help of black locals. This documentary claims that, each year, as many as 80,000 females from a variety of relatively-wealthy Western nations descend on Jamaica alone.


Most of those inclined to indulge their Island Fever with wanton abandon are apparently middle-aged and/or overweight spinsters. Ignored by white men, and afraid to date blacks openly due to the social taboo, they look for satisfaction at remote resorts amidst the anonymity offered by a virtual paradise.

These decadent dames safely lure their boy toys with money, electronic gadgets, designer clothes, baubles, or whatever material item it takes to get uncomplicated sexual favors in return along with the strict understanding that like in Las Vegas, "What happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica."

 As one satisfied customer, a 45 year-old spinster from the Midwest explains her addiction to her hedonistic getaway, "A girl who no one looks at twice gets hit on all the time here. All these guys are paying her attention, telling her she's really beautiful, and they really want her.

It is like a secret, a fantasy, and then you go home." While this glimpse of the lucky ladies' rationale for their no-strings liaisons is certainly informative, the picture is actually far more interesting when chronicling the history of Jamaica, winding its way from the slave days through the rise of the Rastafari to the present.

Framed from this perspective, we suddenly see a persistent pattern of utter subjugation and economic inequality, with islanders providing stud service only being the latest form of exploitation.

Perhaps most telling is the desperate summation of a suffering black woman seen begging for an end to the Jamaican people's neverending cycle of poverty. She wants, "the white world to come give us our deliverance, because it was them who take us out of our land and carry us here.

" Viewed in this light, Rent a Rasta is a clarion call which establishes that sex tourism is not merely the harmless indulgence of horny white women gone wild, but a burgeoning trend which continues to wreak havoc on a Caribbean culture and family structure already in crisis.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.