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Four soldiers slain in Pattani

Militants shot dead four soldiers and wounded two others early Saturday in Pattani, an army spokesman said, as the surge in violence since the start of Ramadan continued.

A closed-circuit video image released by the Royal Thai Police to AFP shows suspected separatist militants firing machine guns during the attack on soldiers on Saturday.

โจรใต้ยิงถล่มทหาร ฉก ปัตตานี เสียชีวิต4นาย

Six soldiers of the No 1532 special task force were patrolling on three motorcycles on the Mayo-Palas road in Ban Duwa of tambon Thanom when gunmen opened fire on them with war weapons.

"About 20 armed militants on three pickup trucks opened fire at the team of soldiers once they got close to them," said Col Pramote Prom-in, a southern army spokesman.

Col Pramote said four soldiers were killed in the attack and two more were wounded as they returned fire. The attackers fled the scene after a brief gun battle.

Sgt Luechai Junthong, Pvt Ekkarat Sitongmai, Pvt Pasim Hongmak and Pvt Benjarong Sikaew were killed on the spot. Sgt Preeda Noppakhun and Pvt Akhom Chuklom were seriously injured and taken to Mayo hospital.

The incident came after a roadside bomb killed five policemen in nearby Yala on Wednesday.

Since Ramadan began on July 20, 19 people have been killed, inlcuding nine civilians, said Fourth Army Regional Commander Lieut Gen Udonchai Thanmasararot.

A shadowy insurgency, without clearly stated aims, has raged in the three southernmost provinces -- Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala -- since 2004.

Daily bomb or gun attacks have targeted soldiers and civilians, Buddhists and Muslims, claiming more than 5,000 lives in eight years.

A state of emergency is in force in the worst-affected parts of the region which rights campaigners say gives tens of thousands of military troops based there legal immunity, fuelling rights abuses.

Authorities had warned that militants were likely to step up attacks during the Islamic holy month.
Also on Saturday, An assistant village headman was shot and seriously injured in an ambush in Narathiwat’s Rueso district on Saturday, police said.

Witnesses told police that Amrun Samoh, assistant chief of Ban Yabah in tambon Rueso of Rueso district, was travelling on his motorcycle on a local road in the village when gunmen hiding in the roadside forest fired on him with M16 assault rifles. The assailants then fled.

The victim took several bullets in his torso and was taken to Narathiwat Ratchanakarin hospital.

Police blamed separatist militants.
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Sadly almost a daily occurance in the South,,,,somehow its kept out of the Worldwide Press & tv
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Sending out a patrol on motorbikes is asking for trouble.

Now, how is it that the camera was so well positioned to film the attack?

Who was shooting back at the attackers from off stage?

Could this be another fake video like that Korat one?

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Here are a few questions I would like to raise about the assumption that the insurgents knew beforehand about the presence of the CCTV cameras. If it is true, how could the insurgents time their attack to occur at the exact spot where the cameras were installed as the pickup trucks they were travelling in were chasing after the six army patrolmen riding three motorcycles?

Did the drivers have the time to watch for the spots where the cameras were hidden? And if the insurgents did want to publicise the incident to trumpet their success, they should have released their own footage. The truth is that the footage was leaked by local authorities to the media who posted it in the social media.

Also, wearing hoods or masks while riding on the back of a pickup truck would have unnecessarily attracted the attention of security forces and the public. After all, in most previous drive-by shootings, the assailants did not cover up their faces anyway.

Now the question of uploading the footage to YouTube. First of all, it is free publicity for the insurgents. My first impression after viewing the clip on YouTube is how emboldened the insurgents have become to pull off such a mission in broad daylight and before the cameras. The insurgents did not speed away immediately after the shooting but remained there for a couple of minutes before splitting up and going off in two directions.
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That was not a CCTV camera. Note the panning and zooming. It's propaganda movie. The question is, where the shooting real and which side made the movie?