Author Topic: Thais are most generous givers in Asia Pacific, survey finds  (Read 598 times)

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Thais are most generous givers in Asia Pacific, survey finds

Thai people are the most generous givers in the Asia Pacific region as 70.5 percent of the population gives to charity according to a survey.

Mastercard’s survey on the giving behavior of people from 14 countries ranked Thailand as the most charitable country followed by Vietnam (70.4 percent) and Hong Kong (64.6 percent) while economically developed countries such as South Korea and Japan are at the bottom of the list.

The biggest givers in the region are Kiwis, who are most likely to make individual donations of more than THB17,000 (11.5%), followed by people of Hong Kong (8.7%) and Australia (8.4%). In all three, people are most likely to donate to charities focused on ‘Serious Illness.”

When it comes to charity choice, most participants across the region said they would rather give their money to children’s health and education funds followed by disaster relief and serious illness funds respectively.
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