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Singha plans match between Man Utd-Chelsea
« on: July 19, 2012, 02:14:24 PM »
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BANGKOK: -- Jaturon confident of bringing the giants to Thailand

Being at the stadium for a Chelsea-Manchester United match is just a dream for most Thai football fans. That dream just took a step closer to reality thanks to a deal between the Champions League champions and the Red Devils.

Singha, which is a global partner of both clubs, plans to make the "dream" match come true as part of celebration's for the beer-makers' 80th anniversary.

"We want to organise such a match in Thailand as a first for the country. The team's are now willing to play their part," said Jaturon Himathongkom, international sports marketing director of Singha-makers Boon Rawd.

The two clubs initially ruled out Singha's proposal when it was put on the table four months ago. But after the company convinced them to join its birthday celebrations, they agreed to joint talks aimed at making the dream match a reality, Jaturon said.

However, the deal has not been done and faces a hurdle: English Premier League clubs have a policy of not playing against each other outside England, except in the Champions League.

"It is all about dignity and sponsors," explained Jaturon. "The hardest part is how to manage the conflicting interests of sponsors. The clubs have rival sponsors. Nike and Chevrolet support the Red Devils, while Adidas and Audi sponsor the Blues."

Jaturon says the possibility of such a match going ahead is now 60-70 per cent but is hopeful a deal can be finalised within three to four months. "If they settle their differences, the match will be held in August next year to mark the 80th anniversary of Boon Rawd. The budget for the project would be several hundred-million baht."

If they fail to reach a deal, the two teams will still visit Thailand, but to play against local teams, Jaturon added.

The Thai beverage-maker is in the process of renewing sponsorship deals with both clubs. In 2010, Singha signed a three-year contract with United and a four-year deal with Chelsea. The new deal will extend each of those sponsorships for a further three years.

"They are very happy with us. We have agreed on all the benefit rights but we are still negotiating over the final figure."

The sponsorship fees had increased by between 20 and 30 per cent over the previous Bt100 million-per-year deal, said Jaturon. The new deal is scheduled to be signed by August, before the new season kicks off.

Fans can expect to see Singha's logo adorning the backdrop for media interviews at Chelsea.

Jaturon also said the partnerships had been very successful for Singha's brand awareness and sales volume. The company received several offers from teams in the EPL, Italy and German league who were interested in partnering with Singha.

Sales of Singha beer in the UK doubled after the partnership, according to Jaturon, who reckons beverage sales for Boon Rawd could reach Bt100 billion this year.

"We are partnered with two top clubs so we don't need to spend more with other teams." He refused, though, to rule out the possibility of Singha spreading its sponsorship to more big European clubs in the future.
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